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Generally, windows can become neglected areas in a home. They do not get proper attention and get repaired only after things get so bad that they ca no longer be ignored. Window blinds are basically a kind of window covering that are easy to use and helpful in keeping sunlight out.

There are several different kinds of window blinds that use a huge variety of control systems. Usually, it is made up of many long vertical or horizontal slats of different types of hard material which include plastic, wood, or metal that is held together by cords. There are basically two types of window blinds:

  1. Ready-made
  2. Made to measure

Made to measure window blinds are basically made to fit a specific window size, while ready made blinds can easily be cut down to suit and fit any window size.

Five broad categories of blinds are:

  1. Roller blinds
  2. Venetian blinds
  3. Vertical blinds
  4. Roman blinds
  5. Pleated blinds

Window blinds can also be manually drawn by a cord or can be automated with the help of motorization.

Automated Window Blinds Calgary

Some amazing facts about window blinds include:

Window Blinds Serve Many Purposes


Our Calgary South blinds experts have said that the purpose of different blinds varies. In order to have something that can be managed easily without wasting much time, it is better to try Venetian blinds. Venetians and a shade are perfect if someone is looking for thermal control. Blinds which are installed outside are also available; they make a window wider and cleaner in appearance. Before purchasing anything, the objective for the blinds should be clear in the mind of the purchaser; therefore, at the initial stage, it is important to understand your requirements. Some window blinds are manufactured in a way that they block UV raysl. Some people consider them costly but they are clearly a smart investment.

Important From a Security Perspective


Many people believe that window blinds are just for decoration and light control, but this is not true, as they play a part in the security and privacy of their owners. During the selection of window blinds, their opacity should be considered. Some blinds provide you with fake privacy: in the morning they give the illusion of privacy due to sunlight, but at night, one can easily see through them – therefore, a careful check must be made before purchasing any window blind to make sure they limit the vision of outsiders who try to look inside your home. Visit our Red Deer blinds store for a consult.

Proper Maintenance


Window blinds can easily collect dust; therefore they require proper maintenance. Dust is a big problem for those that have breathing problems, so blind maintenance is even more important for them. Along with dust, blinds can also collect germs which can be harmful to you and your family, so you should regularly clean your blinds. Special tools for cleaning window blinds are available, so it doesn’t need to be a big chore.

There are many sources of information about window blind safety. Here are some important suggestions for you:

  • Safety devices for the pull cords

If someone has opted for the manual type of window blinds, then they can install a safety device for strings or pull cords. This way, the pulling mechanism will be kept from strangling children and pets playing near blinds. These devices are available from Normandeau Window Coverings, who can help you select the right device for your home. Installing them is not so easy, so it’s a good idea to get the help of your supplier to get the task done. If you are from Lethbridge, contact our office for help.

  • It is always advised that pull cords be out of reach of children and pets. If a safety device is not present in your home yet, then you must make sure that children can’t reach the pull cords of your window treatment.
  • Anything which can be used for climbing must be kept away from your blinds. Pets and children are fond of stepping and climbing on anything. Therefore beds and chairs should not be placed near window blinds. In this way, they do not get a chance to play with the pull cords and hence you can save your children and pets from getting hurt.
  • Some people ignore window blinds because they do not want to take risks with the health of their pets and children, but few simple steps can save your pets, your children, and your home. Therefore an automated option – yes you can get automated blinds – or proper awareness is better than avoiding blinds. It should always be remembered that accidents can be avoided if you are aware and carefully follow safety instructions.
  • Operations which should be followed by owners are clearly described in the operations manual. User manuals come with all kinds of window blinds – they serve as a guide during the installation process. Before you start hanging your window blinds we suggest reading through the manual. It can be very difficult to install your blinds, which is why we offer a full installation package.

Blinds could be the perfect solution for your windows. We have different styles of window blinds just for you. Come and visit us today!