When looking for a new home you may have to view many, in fact, lots… and lots… and maybe even lots more accommodations before you find ‘the one’ that really speaks to you. Sometimes you just walk into a house and know that it is the ‘one’. It may be the space that you fall in love with, the view or even the bath fittings, but something gives you enough of a thrill to want it. Sometimes it’s the small things like the shape of a certain window or a quirky door opening that makes the whole house appealing, and your heart is set on that home. Everything is great … until you come to come to dress that beautiful window and make it what you want.

Odd shaped windows are definitely a beautiful feature and can be made into something wonderful with a little creative thinking, so here are some solutions for all the eclectic openings we love.



Many houses have bay windows that bow out into the outside space as they give the impression of space and let in plenty of light. These windows are in fact a regular window set in a semi-circular frame which is not too much of a problem when you look at it as such.

There are many options at your disposal for window coverings so you have a rich choice.

Continuous rail or rod. The ideal for this window is a continuous rail or rod that goes all the way round the bow of the window. It can only be attached at the outside edges and in the middle or drawing the curtain becomes affected, but there are many options at Normandeau Window Coverings show rooms, as well as options of rails, rods, finials and detailing. It may mean that your curtain rod will have to be custom made, but you can be assured of the perfect fit.

Separate rods. If a continuous rod is not an option, then consider separate rods. How many you have depends on how many windows are in the bay, but it will be easy to see if you look at the frames. Each rod or rail will need an individual drape or curtain, and will have to be drawn independently, so consider that if you have a large window or want continuous drapery.

Faux panels. One thing you have to consider before you think about buying window treatments is how you will use them. If you need to draw them completely to block out the light, you need a moving curtain. If you will never draw them, you can consider faux panels that hang at the window and look like drapes, but do not draw. You’ll have the look, but not the function.

Blinds. For a bay window covering, blinds may be the perfect option for you. They can be hung at each window for a complete look and complemented with a faux panel or valance if necessary, which also means it can be easy to operate when needed. You can visit our Red Deer blinds gallery to take a closer look. Blinds are great for a sleek, modern look and come in many different styles. There are roller, roman, slatted, vertical or blackout to name but a few.

Straight rod. If you have a recessed wall with your bay window you could consider a straight rod over the front of the bay. This is a practical solution, but also creates a cozy private space perfect for a bench seat or window seat for privacy. Whether or not this is possible depends on the walls but we can advise on that during a consultation.

Motorized drapes. Another option is to fit a motorized rail that will draw the drapes for you. This will help deal with any awkward spaces and make it a breeze for you to draw – even if you’re not there!

Valance. You could forego drapes altogether if you don’t need darkness and go for stylish valance. Valances can be custom made and be hung on their own or as a cover for blinds, but are a real option for unusual shaped windows and never cut out the light.



Full length or high windows are becoming a more common feature in homes these days and can be daunting to design into a room. Many leave them bare, but this usually makes the window dominate the room, whereas a well-crafted window treatment can make the window become part of the room and make it a beautiful feature.

Custom Window Shades in South Calgary

Shades. Simple shades can be the perfect window treatment for a high window. They can be made in a sheer fabric that allows the light in, or a practical design that keeps the heat in or out, depending where the source is coming from. These look stylish and save money.

High drapes. If you have high windows, to keep a slick line and make the design the focus, make tall drapes too! By setting each curtain higher than the windows, you control the space and make the décor come to life.

Valances. Valances can camouflage a high window, especially if you use a valance with jabots or in an asymmetrical design as once again the focus is on the valance not the window.

Top down blinds. Blinds that can be drawn from the top down, as well the bottom up, are perfect for high windows. You can position them where you need them the most without blacking out the window. Motorized blinds may be more practical in a very high window and they certainly make a statement.



A gable end in a home or arched windows are still very much in fashion in the construction industry but can pose a problem when it comes to window coverings. There are a few options to consider, which is great news.

Regular shaped drapes, curtains or blinds. When you are faced with a very unusual shape it may be best to consider mounting a window treatment that draws over the whole window, like a pull down blind. This can sit at the top in a pretty valance as necessary, and then be drawn when needed.

Custom window treatments. If you really have a shape that is not catered for by the drapery industry, then you really need to consider a custom window treatment. There are options that only a professional can offer and need to be fitted by someone very experienced so that they function as they need to as well as beautify the room.



Although round windows are not as common as other windows, they are used to create interest and do appear in homes, especially coastal or waterside homes. They are a great architectural detail but need special treatment.

Blinds or drapes. Like pointed or arched windows, you can hang a straight window treatment over the window for a more simple design, but then the unique shape is lost. You can help this by using a sheer curtain or blind, but again, it makes the round window less of a feature.

Shutters. Shutters are perfect for a round window and can be made to fit snugly to accentuate the shape. There are many designs of shutter, but they will have to be custom made for round window. The most common is a plantation shutter which is easy to use and will last a long time.

Custom Window Coverings. Custom window coverings are always the best bet for a round window and our Lethbridge team are experts. It’s the only way you can guarantee the treatment will fit and compliment the window as opposed to highlighting an ill-fitting window treatment. You can rest assured a professional will have successfully covered many windows like yours and will have some great ideas for something gorgeous and unusual.

However odd you may consider your window there is a good chance a high-quality professional will be able to make the most of the feature and turn it into something you love. Making your home a collection of all the things you love is what makes a house a home. Consult an expert now!