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Looking to change the feel of a room without renovating? Wallpaper gives any room the “WOW” factor. Whether you are looking to add accent to one wall or an entire room in your home, there is a wallpaper pattern for you. At Normandeau headboard walls, powder rooms, or hard-to-decorate walls are our most frequent requests.

Wallpaper in a room instantly brightens up a space and adds character. From simple textures to graphic designs, wallpaper changes the look and feel of a room. At Normandeau we have an extensive collection of wallpaper to choose from.

Contemporary Wallpaper: Modern Style, Modern Ease

Contemporary wallpaper is firmly lodged in the present, with convenient installation and many thousands of styles to satisfy even the most discerning of tastes. Let’s look at some of your options.

Wallpaper Styles

There are many styles to choose from when it comes to contemporary wallpaper. Metallic, 3D, vinyl, paper, fabric, chevron, floral – it can be dizzying just to decide what you’re looking for!

The most important thing to consider when it comes to wallpaper is the width of the roll. This will help you figure out how many rolls you will need. Consulting with a professional paper hanger will help you figure out how much you’ll need. Most wallpapers fall into two categories – American, or English. English paper tends to be a little narrower.

A big trend right now is metallic wallpaper because it adds sheen and light to a room. Use lamps, task lighting, or overhead lighting like a decorative chandelier to really add pop and depth. This is particularly helpful in smaller rooms, or even closets, where it can help add light to an area that isn’t always well-lit.

Natural contemporary wallpaper is an interesting choice for the homeowner who wants to play with textures rather than colour. This is a great choice for hallways, bathrooms, and bedrooms. Something like grass cloth, paperweave, and silk wall coverings are great textured options. Keep in mind that if you want to hire a professional paper hanger, many charge much higher rates to install these kinds of papers rather than the printed kind because they require so much more precision to look natural.

Wallpaper Application

There are several different application styles to choose from for contemporary wallpaper. There’s the traditional method, in which adhesive is rolled onto the back of the paper. Then there are two alternate methods. In one, the adhesive is rolled onto the wall, and then the paper is attached. Some wallpapers are made to be dipped in water and soaked before applying to the wall, which activates the adhesive.

The easiest way to install wallpaper is to hire a professional to do it. While it may seem expensive, especially considering the price of the paper, it will save you lots of time and the hassle of carefully matching up patterns and applying adhesive. Professional wallpaper installation will cost you, but the expertise you will find can’t be beat.

Removing wallpaper is a whole other game. While not difficult, it can be labor intensive. If you need to remove ugly old wallpaper to update it with contemporary stuff, here’s what to do:

Lay drop cloths over the floor to make cleanup easier. You will need a scraper. Remove the plates from your outlets, and disconnect power to the room. You can buy either wallpaper adhesive solvents or just use a mix of water and either fabric softener or dish washing detergent. Use a wallpaper scorer to create small holes in the paper for the solution to sink into. Spray the solution on evenly. Let it soak in, then begin peeling off paper starting at the bottom of the wall moving to the top. Use the scraper to make peeling it off easier. Have a friend help, the job goes much faster when there’s more than one person doing it.

Wallpaper Mural Trends

A current trend is wallpaper murals. A wallpaper mural can transform your space adding colour, pattern and dimension – it basically becomes a piece of artwork in your room, offering a great starting point for your room’s style and décor!

Some murals mimic materials such as distressed wood, natural stone, concrete, metal, etc. Large abstract patterns can add a bold splash of colour, florals add an organic touch. Landscape scenes can bring the natural world into your room!

Maxwell Fabrics has introduced 1838 Wall Coverings (from the UK) and has a Mural Collection with an amazing variety of colours, textures and patterns. The murals come in a roll which consists of 4 strips that are 20.5” wide x 10’ long – the coverage is 82” x room height and can be repeated if required.

We are excited to show you these amazing new murals! 

How To Purchase Wallpaper

Because contemporary wallpaper can be an investment, it’s important to purchase paper you will love for a long time. This isn’t such a big deal if you’re just looking to decorate an accent wall, but a whole room is really going to be a long-term project. At Normandeau Window Coverings we sell wallpaper, but the more interesting or unusual the pattern, or the more exotic the material, the more complex it can be.

Visit your nearest Normandeau store today to speak with one of our design professionals.

Modern Wallpaper | Normandeau
Modern Wallpaper | Normandeau
Modern Wallpaper | Normandeau
Modern Wallpaper | Normandeau
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