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It’s not a secret that here at Normandeau, we love Hunter Douglas. Everything they make is fantastic. However, their Silhouette window shadings often seem to take the lead when it comes to style, elegance, and down to Earth practicality. Here’s just a few of the reasons why we think the  Hunter Douglas Silhouette window coverings are a step ahead of the rest.


Silhouette uses innovative top-down, bottom-up, tilt anywhere technology that allows you total control over your space. Top-down, bottom-up has a pretty intuitive title. Basically, you can easily lower the top of silhouette blinds or raise the bottom. This means you can compress or stretch the window blind to cover part or all of your window. With Silhouette it’s simple to raise the bottom of the blind, so you can look outside or bring the top down and let natural light in above the blind without sacrificing privacy. The tilt-anywhere technology lets you choose whatever angle you’d like regardless of where the window blind is positioned.


With the ability to completely control the amount of light coming into your home comes the the choice of privacy. The two sheers gently soften sunlight coming in, but during the daytime, the inside of the house is not visible from outdoors. Regardless of their interior colour, Silhouette is made to look white from the outside. This gives the blinds a neutral exterior appearance and help reflects solar radiation keeping the house cooler during summer.

UV Protection

Another feature of reflecting solar energy is UV protection inside the house. Because of the two sheer shadings, even with the vanes opened this window coverings will help protect your furniture, artwork, and skin from dangerous UV rays. With the vanes fully open, the silhouette window coverings reduces UV by 88%. When the vanes close, this harmful light is reduced further and less than 1% enters your home.

With all these great features that come built into Silhouette window coverings, it’s hard to go wrong. Hunter Douglas even provide extra options like the choice to change the chord for a more child-friendly one. Here at Normandeau, we really do love everything that Hunter Douglas produces, but I’m sure you understand just why Silhouette is recommended. If you’re interested in Silhouette window coverings or any other Hunter Douglas product, contact us today at any of our locations across Alberta.