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The Benefits of Window Blinds

So, you’re looking to replace your window treatments, and you want something that isn’t those terrible white blinds, the ones that are impossible to lift? Or maybe you had low-quality vertical blinds and you’re thinking that you don’t ever want to go through that again. No one can blame you. However, window blinds really are a great and versatile option for just about any home.

Light Control


Slatted window blinds are the most effective window treatment for light control because the slats can be tilted up or down and opened and closed; they offer the most customizable light control and privacy. Curtains can be opened and closed, but light can only come in through a small patch, leading to pinpoint light that isn’t well diffused, leaving the corners of a room dim. Blinds and shades don’t have this issue.

Blinds also offer a great deal of privacy. We’ve all peeked through the blinds to check who’s at the door before, but more than that, window blinds can be tilted upwards to allow light in without letting anyone see inside.

Energy Efficiency


Window blinds, like most window treatments, help with the energy efficiency of your home. They trap air against the windows, acting as insulation, protecting your home and making it easier to heat or cool. You may have heard that windows are one of the biggest energy sinks in the home, and it’s true! In the summer, light and heat are trapped at the windows, making easier to cool the home, and in the winter, cold air is trapped, making it easier to heat.

Blinds are cost efficient as well, being the most affordable window treatment option for the home. They come in many colors and styles, well within any price range.



In recent years a lot of heat has come onto window blinds as being dangerous for children and pets. They get wrapped up in the cords and slats and can’t get themselves unstuck, leading to injury or even death. However, modern window blinds are made with strict safety standards in mind to protect your loved ones from harm.

Cordless blinds have become popular recently, as have motorized blinds that are controlled with a remote and can even be programmed to raise and lower when you want them to. Hunter Douglas, in particular, is a great brand for this.



As consumers become more aesthetically conscious, so window blind manufacturers have updated their products to modern tastes. It’s not hard to find blinds that are either wood or made from synthetic materials to look like wood. Wood blinds take what is often thought of as an unappealing window treatment option and make it elegant and classic. Metal window blinds have an edgy, industrial look.

Wood blinds do run the risk of aging in the sunlight coming in through the windows, but synthetic blinds don’t have this issue and are much more customizable. However, wood blinds are eco-friendlier. Talk to your local window treatment store to find out the best option for your home.



Because all window blinds need is dusting and some spot cleaning, they’re one of the cleanest forms of window treatment. Without the hassle of having to take them off the window to wash or the danger of wiping down paper with a wet cloth, window blinds offer superior cleanliness and convenience. Make sure to dust your blinds at least a few times a year, either with a dry cloth or a feather duster.



If you still aren’t convinced that window blinds are for you, there are some similar alternatives that you could try. Gliding panels act much like vertical blinds, but they’re larger, and look much more elegant. They lay flat in a row against the window when they’re closed, and when open they fold close together for maximum view. This option is best for large expanses of windows or porch doors that need a unique window treatment. They can also be used as elegant, minimalist room dividers.

High Performance Blinds Calgary

Honeycomb or cellular shades are also a great blind alternative. While they aren’t as customizable for light control, they are much more private and much better at insulating. There are also top-down and bottom-up movement options, to maximize privacy. Roman shades are an elegant, timeless alternative to window blinds. They combine the best of blinds and the elegance of curtains, though they too do not allow as much light in as blinds. Both of these window treatments aren’t as easy to keep clean as window blinds are, because cellular shades are often made of paper or non-washable fabric, and Roman shades can’t be disassembled to clean. Both, however, offer great benefits as alternatives.

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