If you read our last blog on how to keep your home warm this winter, you’ll know that we recommend applying window film in order to improve the energy efficiency of your home. But what is window film? And how does it work?

Window film is a transparent plastic cover that homeowners use to make their windows more energy efficient. Some films come as a laminate similar to the way automobile window shields are tinted, but in this blog, we’re discussing the heatshrink variety carried at most hardware stores. This film creates a pocket of air that makes it harder for drafts and energy (heat) to move through the window. Clever Canadians can use this film to help prevent heat loss in their homes during the winter months.

However, not all windows should be insulated with film. Even during the winter, south facing windows can collect a lot of solar energy and transfer that heat into your house. Adding film on these windows can cancel out that heat-benefit.

Likewise, you’ll likely want to leave your northern windows alone. Unless you want to remove and reapply film every year, you’ll want your northern windows free of insulation so that you can easily open windows to release heat and help your home stay cool during the summer. In fact, we suggest applying insulation to just your east and west facing windows. These windows are responsible for a lot of energy moving in and out of your house, and unlike southern and northern windows, the energy transfer from these windows is never beneficial.

It’s also a good idea to leave at least one window (which can open) in the kitchen and bathroom free of insulation — just incase you need to let out steam or smoke.

Window Insulation Film Calgary

Your hardware store may carry numerous brands of window insulation film, but it all works more or less the same. Choose the one that you think will work best for your home and has instructions that you think are easy to follow. At Normandeau, we want to help Albertans live greener by keeping their home more energy efficient. Window films are a great way to keep the heat in your home this winter, but choosing your drapes and blinds wisely can also help.

If you have any questions about how window treatments can help your home be more energy efficient, come into the Normandeau nearest you today!