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6 Benefits of Window Shades

You may not think of your window treatments very often, but they do you a lot of good. Possibly more than you know. Window treatments are so ubiquitous that they almost never cross your mind outside of the context of getting new ones or maybe washing your curtains every once in a while. There are so many different things that you need to think about when you get new shades that it can be a little daunting to think about. Here are six things to think about when choosing your next window shade purchase.

Benefits of Window Shades Calgary



Window treatments add instant style to any home. The shade of a good set of curtains or a good window blind may be great, but do they look nice? When it comes to stylish window treatments, you’re in luck. You have tons of options.

Roman shades are a great way to add all the benefits of blinds, but with style and sophistication. They can be more expensive, so they may not be the right shade for you if you are on a budget or have many window treatments that need replacing.

Curtains are the classic instant style fix. there are so many curtains out there on the market that are affordable, it can be hard to choose. You can also make your own curtains but they are very hard to make well as they rely on perfect angles and measuring to be even and symmetrical, which is a challenge, even if you’re a crafty sort of person. Curtains work best when combined with another sort of shade, such as honeycomb shades or plantation shutters.

Plantation shutters are gorgeous and add a touch of classic style to any window they are installed in. They can also reduce ambient noise from outside and are very energy efficient.



An obvious benefit of shade is the privacy. We’ve all peeked out through closed blinds to make sure we wanted to answer the front door. Privacy is something we all want at home.

The best window shades for privacy, hands down, are honeycomb shades. These workhorse blinds usually are opaque, unless sheer fabric is chosen, and since they’re double or even triple layered, it’s impossible to see through them from the outside, and if they are dark colored, it can be hard to see through them from the inside as well.



Window treatments are vital for efficient temperature control in a home. In the winter, shades can be used to keep warmth from being radiated out of windows and can keep cold air from leeching into the house. Curtains and honeycomb shades are both particularly good at this, because they trap air against the windows, acting as an insulator. Plantation shades and blinds are also good for this, though really it helps to have any kind of window treatment when it comes to keeping a room warm.

In the summer, good window treatments that keep the home warm in the summer can oddly enough keep it cool in the winter. Darker curtains are better in the winter because they block out the most heat-producing light.



We are all concerned with energy preservation these days. Good window shades can help lower your energy costs by helping your house stay warm or cool depending on the season as well as controlling the amount of light in a room, preventing the need for lamps or other task lighting.



The most obvious benefit of window shades is that a good window treatment can help you control the amount of light in your home. Whether you need to keep light out in the summer, let light in during the winter, or control afternoon light streaming in through sun-facing windows, window shades are critical to light comfort levels. Honeycomb shades are great for letting light in because they can be built with a bottom-up sliding motion that allows for privacy at the bottom of the window but allows light to stream in from the top.



The right window treatments are an investment, especially when it comes to style. Curtains and drapes are best for the budget decorator, while Roman shades are great for those that are looking for elegance and quality. Overall, honeycomb shades give you the most bang for your buck, with light control, privacy, energy efficiency and temperature management.

With all these tips in mind, you are sure to find the best window shade and treatments for your home.

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