Meet the Designer Series: Wendi Ronspies - Normandeau Window Coverings

Meet the Designer Series: Wendi Ronspies

Normandeau Window Coverings Red Deer has had the privilege to work with and get to know Wendi for several years. Together we have worked on some beautiful home renovations as well as a number of commercial projects providing shades, drapery and wallpaper. Some commercial projects we have been able to assist with, but are not limited to include Dev 2 offices in Okotoks, Divine Spine offices in Saskatoon, Airdrie and Red Deer and our first and my favourite project together, Studio 11.

Upon meeting Wendi and contemplating the large east facing windows of this beautiful newly developed Studio 11 office space, we discussed the needs as well as the overall aesthetic she was trying to achieve. The color direction came from the shoes I wore to her office that day. Here we were able to position two pink side panels that would move in either direction to strategically block sun as needed without adding bulk, this would allow the fabric to stack back neatly at the sides to frame out the window when direct sunlight was not an issue.

We are thrilled that Wendi has found time in her busy schedule to answer some questions to allow us to introduce her to you so we can all get to know her a little better!

How did you get started and how long have you been in business?

I started working in the architectural field in Whitefish Montana in 1994 and have worked for some great architectural firms throughout those years such as IBI Group and John Hull Architect and  In 2011, I branched off onto my own and started “Wendi Ronspies Design Inc” and never looked back.

What is your business philosophy?

“Designing to Inspire” To take our clients on a creative journey to capture their needs and wants and transform their spaces into beautiful, functional spaces they can be inspired by, proud of and enjoy!

Describe two things you have achieved in your business career that you are proud of.

I have been fortunate to have worked on some pretty great projects throughout the years such as the Ronald McDonald House, Divine Spine, Massage Addict-Red Deer and Ryde RD.Going from working for someone to owning my own company was scary yet exciting and in the world of design and creativity who doesn’t love a challenge!

Repeat clients and referrals top the charts– my clients have been awesome and referrals from my clients means I’m doing my job!We work through their project and the end results should be that they are happy and when they are happy the reward is repeat clients and referrals!

What motivates you to get up everyday? WHY are you doing what you’re doing?

I love creating! Being creative comes in so many different forms; from working on getting a floor plan laid out perfectly, watching it go into construction, finding the perfect decorative finishes, decorative lighting to the final décor. There is nothing better than to start a project with a client and once it’s all finished have them say “it turned out better than I ever could have imagined!” 

Can you name a person who has had a tremendous impact on you as a designer?

There are a couple of fellows Myron Nebozuk and John Hull.  They aren’t famous but they are pretty darn fantastic!

Why do your clients use your services?

One thing I get told a lot by my commercial and residential clients is, I’m a good listener. Listening, connecting, engaging with my clients helps me to provide them with the best service possible to create a space that reflects their personality and corporate persona.

Provide a 100 word biography

Wendi Ronspies Interior Design Studio provides services for commercial and residential projects such as: interior design, residential, corporate and commercial space planning, construction drawings and project management.  She is passionate about working with her clients to make beautiful, functional spaces and provides the touches that keep her clients spaces unique by adding details such as decorative lighting, custom finishes, drapery/window coverings, furniture and decor.

While her clients are her main goal, she is also very community orientated and brings a design flare as the current President of the Board of Directors for the Red Deer Hospice Society.

Red Deer Hospice Expansion

Red Deer Hospice opened for our first resident in 2005 to provide palliative care in a home-like setting. Fourteen years later, we are proud to say we have cared for more than 1,300 residents and their family members. Red Deer Hospice is recognized as a leader in the field of residential palliative care.

​Our current occupancy exceeds 90 percent. We want to be available when families need us. Our community needs respite care for
caregiver relief, day programming, palliative education and increased palliative care.

We will continue to provide exceptional palliative care in a space that feels like home. There is no cost to stay at Red Deer Hospice and that will not change with expansion. We will continue to provide resident care throughout construction with minimal disruption.

Our planned expansion will include the following:

​Enhanced Facility

  • expanded kitchen
  • expanded medication room
  • expanded nursing station
  • multi-purpose areas for education opportunities
  • dedicated storage spaces for medical supplies and equipment, records and event materials
  • additional administrative offices

​Enhanced Care Areas

  • six new private resident care rooms
  • additional soaker tub and shower rooms
  • two large multi-purpose rooms for respite care and day programs

​Enhanced Family Areas

  • dedicated family gathering spaces: coffee areas, living room, quiet areas
  • renewed sanctuary space

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