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Bracko Brothers

A Message from our Partner, Bracko Brothers Quality Furniture:

At Bracko, with 41 years of experience in the furniture business, we have seen many trends come and go but the one constant throughout the years has been our commitment to quality and service.  We have a line-up that continually reflects the latest trends, and also pays tribute to the classic and transitional styles that are always current.

Come in and try one of our many beds, sofas and chairs to find the comfort level that is right for you.  Touch our tables, desks and dressers to feel the quality and durability.  Once you have chosen a style, then the fun begins.  With our hundreds of wood, fabric and metal samples, you can customize it all to fit into your home and create a unique space that reflects you, and, your family’s personality.

We have partnered with Normandeau Window Coverings to create a relationship that will benefit you, our customers.  Window coverings and furniture go hand-in-hand in any home design project.

We want to offer any Normandeau Window Coverings client coming into Bracko Brothers 20% off any purchase over $1000.  Come in, visit us and mention you are a Normandeau client and let the design begin.

– Carey Bracko