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Wallpaper or Paint? Introducing the Meredith Heron Collection

If you’re familiar with our expert team of home improvers and advisors, you’ll know we love fabric.  Floral cushions, velvety drapery, everything. Perhaps it’s that love of patterns and textures that makes us such huge fans of wallpaper, but we just can’t get enough of it. Here are some of the reasons we’d choose wallpaper over paint every time.

Classic yet Modern.

Wallpaper has been used to decorate royal palaces and the manors of nobles dating back to the 1700s. Today, that same sense of prestige and debonair still surrounds a beautifully wallpapered room. Wallpaper is an elegant and tasteful way to decorate, and depending where you live and whether you move in upper-class circles, some wallpapering may simply be expected.

Highly Durable and Great for Restorations.

If you have children or are restoring an older property, wallpaper may be the obvious choice. Unlike paint, the wallpaper is very durable. It can last a long time with proper care, and will withstand high levels of traffic. For your restoration project, wallpaper may simply look right within the classical architecture. After all, wallpaper was the wall covering of choice for the upper class when many heritage buildings were designed. Beyond that, the paper can also effectively hide any small wall blemishes that your home may have acquired over the years.

The Meredith Heron Collection of Wallpapers and Fabrics.

As if to give us our very own halfway-to-Christmas present, Meredith Heron has recently released a new collection of both wallpaper and fabric. It’s two of our favourite things! Now when you choose the perfect wallpaper for your home, you’ll easily be able to coordinate colours, textures, and patterns. Your wallcoverings will simply work flawlessly with your window treatments, cushions, and any other fabric design elements you choose to incorporate within your home. If that doesn’t make your inner interior designer delighted, we don’t know what will.

At Normandeau, we’re not shy about telling all of our clients about everything new and exciting in interior design. Whether it’s the new colours of the year, a trend towards gender neutral, or a brand new collection of wallpaper and fabrics, Normandeau is always eager to read about the newest styles and inform our customers. Ready to replace the mundane paint with an exciting new wallpaper from Meredith Heron? Come into Normandeau today! We’d be happy to answer any of your questions and help you in any way we can.