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Wallpaper Murals can Transform your Space

Wallpaper is definitely making a comeback in a big way – the latest trend is wallpaper murals.  A wallpaper mural can transform your space adding colour, pattern and dimension – it basically becomes a piece of artwork in your room, offering a great starting point for your room’s style and décor!

Some murals mimic materials such as distressed wood, natural stone, concrete, metal, etc.  Large abstract patterns can add a bold splash of colour, florals add an organic touch.  Landscape scenes can bring the natural world into your room!

Maxwell Fabrics has introduced 1838 Wallcoverings (from the UK) and has a Mural Collection with an amazing variety of colours, textures and patterns.  The murals come in a roll which consists of 4 strips that are 20.5” wide x 10’ long – the coverage is 82” x room height and can be repeated if required.

We are very excited to show our clients these amazing new murals and will keep you posted with photos of the installations!

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