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How to Find the Right Wallpaper for Your Home

How to Find the Right Wallpaper for Your Home

Wallpaper is a great design element that is sadly overlooked by most homeowners and renters. Wallpaper can be a great way to make a temporary change to an apartment or rented home. Permanent wallpapers can enhance a home and make it feel truly unique and special. There are so many different styles and designs to choose from that it can seem dizzying.

However, few people take a trip to the wallpaper store when considering decorating their homes. Because wallpaper seems so old-fashioned, and because it is a little – or sometimes a lot – more expensive than paint, wallpaper seems impractical to most. But wallpaper has come into its own in the last few years. There are countless styles and types of wallpaper to choose from, and both an online and brick-and-mortar wallpaper store are convenient.

Before investing the time and effort of heading down to the wallpaper store, it’s important to set out exactly what you want. Do you want a floral design or some great 3D texture? Do you have children, and therefore need a wallpaper that can be scrubbed and cleaned? Or are you just looking to decorate an accent wall in a hallway or bedroom? How much square footage do you need? These are such important questions and you need to think about the answers before you even start pricing paper.

Right now, metallic wallpaper is super popular at nearly every wallpaper store. It’s a great way to add light and sparkle to areas like hallways, small bathrooms, and closets. Huge floral patterns are great for big rooms, and there are lots of options for children’s wallpapers. If you are choosing a wallpaper for an accent wall, make sure it matches the paint you already have or get new paint so that all the walls are complementary. Wallpaper shopping is a great time to do a little accessory shopping to tie the whole room together.

There are also many different styles of wall coverings to consider. Grass cloth is a popular option, as it adds subtle texture and soft color to a classic, neutral room. There’s also burlap for a great rustic look, as well as cork, chenille, silk, and jute blends

You also should consider professional installation. Many wallpapers these days are just peel-and-stick and are easily applied, but a professional will have no trouble installing any kind of wallpaper you like. Plus, even the peel-and-stick type requires a certain amount of finesse to apply. You’re dealing with huge sheets of super sticky paper that can tear, or stick to you, your ladder, or an unsuspecting pet. Some wall coverings, like grass cloth, require extra work and therefore installers may charge more to hang these, upwards of 30% more. However, because these materials are so tricky to apply, you definitely don’t want to do it yourself.  Make sure you find a good, reputable professional wallpaper installer before hiring them to do the job, because if they mess up, it’s a pretty big chunk of change to replace paper and fix the issue.

Most home décor and DIY stores sell wallpaper, but your best bet is usually going to be online at any store, where you can find out if they have it in store or if it must be ordered online. It can be hard to choose from so many brands and retailers. Look for quality Kravet products.

Kravet Incorporated is a leading brand in wallpaper stores and fabric designs. They have a massive selection of wallpapers available from retailers, and from their website for the trade. They also have fabrics and home furnishings available for purchase to go with their great wall coverings.

Kravet Inc. was founded by Samuel Kravet in 1918 and has been a family affair ever since, owned by 5 generations of Kravet family members. For 98 years they’ve been the height of sophistication and elegance. They own several subsidiary companies. The first, GP&J Baker, a UK company that happens to own the largest privately-owned archive of decorative textiles and patterns in the world. Brunschwig & Fils, a French company, is also another one of their holdings. This company specializes in fabric and textile production.

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While Kravet showrooms are only in the US, that doesn’t mean that Kravet products are out of your reach. Kravet products are available at your local Normandeau Window Coverings store. With a huge variety of wallpapers, they’re sure to help you find just the right product for your home.

Using these tips and advice, it should be easy for you to find just the right Kravet wallpaper for your home at your nearest wallpaper store or online. Look for the best installers in your area, and make sure you order samples of paper to make sure you’re completely in love with them. Good luck in your home décor journey!

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