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Glamorize Your Wall Using Contemporary Wallpaper

There are a lot of ways you can purchase wallpaper. From interior designers, home improvement stores and of course your famous local paint or wallpaper store. In fact, most people start by surveying the nearest store and head there directly. The truth of the matter is, interior decorators are quite expensive; they may offer you excellent advice as to which wallpaper will best compliment you home décor, but their advice will come at a cost. Your local Normandeau Window Coverings store sells wallpaper and offers professional advice without the high cost, so paint or wallpaper will save you money, but take your time to look for the best material and ask what they have access to, as well as what is on display. Why do you need a dedicated wallpaper store for the best products and services? Are you scared you will spend more on top, branded, and established wallpaper stores? These and more are critical questions during the pursuit of stunning décor. We will take a look at a big wallpaper store Normandeau Window Coverings and answer these questions and more.

Wallpaper Design Calgary

Wallpaper Home Decor Calgary

In a dedicated wallpaper store, you will find a large assortment of wallpaper with thousands of marvelous designs from leading brands including Hunter Douglas and Kravet who are a converter, importer-exporter, and supplier of interior fabrics and wallpapers. They have a studio that purely deals with the development, design and innovation of wallpaper designs. The biggest store is Normandeau Window Coverings, their leading wallpaper store, which is built on the expert experience of professional decorators. They have a number of stores in the Calgary area with over 100 years in providing wallpaper, paint, and fabrics to homeowners.

The customer service consists of professionals who value you highly and make it their mission to help you achieve your dream home décor. They are also equipped with a customer phone number that you can contact with no extra cost. They have a team that deals with buyer queries and respond almost immediately.

Another aspect of a dedicated wallpaper store that is vital to your success is the products they offer. When faced with the task of enhancing your home décor know that dedicated stores like Normandeau Window Coverings have access to over 1,500 different patterns, with many samples in situ or in books for you to go through and pick the one that stands out the most. They work with the world’s biggest studios and design houses to bring you the widest assortment of the loveliest wallpapers. Products are neatly categorized by brand, color, design, and style for you to quickly traverse through them. They give you the latest design trends on their blog, brochures, and their designs.

Normandeau Window Coverings is working on a How-To section for you to get tips for beautifully decorating your home. Tips like how to choose the best colors to match your home accent; how to hang your wallpaper; how to calculate the exact number of wallpaper rolls you need to fully furnish your home. They will advise on the best décor for your home specifications; help you choose the best wallpaper, and the best design patterns.

They are also equipped with a broad range of material for classical wallpaper to modern wallpaper that will fit perfectly with your home. The material includes fabric that is of high quality in different colors and motifs; flock wallpaper made up of vinyl or paper base with raised velvet-like patterns; metallic wallpaper and more. Leverage their knowledge to get your ideal wallpaper.

Normandeau Window Coverings has friendly prices for your home décor, depending on the material you are looking for. With high-quality products, they still find a way to help every type of person, no matter their budget. They have a big website with a large dataset of wallpapers that you can choose from. The products they stock let you adjust your budget to get the most wallet-friendly, yet most sophisticated wallpapers. They also regularly have specials and discounted prices.

Choosing the best store for your home is challenging but vital, and is the springboard to your success. Research what you want and use that as your first search criteria. I have looked into the best and most reviewed wallpaper store in Calgary I know of; take your time, get to know your wallpaper store, and if it has qualities that will help you shop wisely, easily, and efficiently, then that is it. The main aspects to look at are:

  • Their tips and advice
  • Their customer service
  • Their delivery and shipping
  • Their product range
  • Their trending materials
  • Their quality
  • Their reviews and testimonials
  • Check out their About page

Shop wisely at Normandeau Window Coverings. Contact us today!