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All you ever needed to know about wallpaper

Wallpaper seems to go in and out of fashion pretty regularly, but it’s hard to see why. There are so many gorgeous designs making it easy to create the perfect look for your home and to bring about a fresh look that you never had before. Wallpaper is a win-win in nearly all directions, so we thought we’d tell you all you ever needed to know about wallpaper and why it’s a serious contender for your next interior design project.

Why have wallpaper?


From the beginning of time decorating walls has been a cultural norm. From the cave paintings of prehistoric times to the ultra-modern, height-defying skyscrapers of the ‘right now’, walls have been beautified by drawings and designs. In the practicalities of the 18th-century, wallpaper was cloth or material hanging to insulate a room, but right now, the wallpapers of today can be functional and beautiful.

Wallpaper is an easy way to beautify your home, and there has never been such a huge choice as there is available at the moment. There is also a wallpaper for every application; some are designed for greasy kitchens, some for hot, steamy bathrooms, some for high traffic areas like hallways, some to recover from sticky little hands or to simply beautify your room. Nowadays wallpaper can be durable, easy to keep, yet individual and expressive. There are even wallpapers that mimic ceramic tiles, but are a lot easier to install – and a heck of a lot cheaper too. If you haven’t considered wallpaper, then you need to.

Which wallpaper should I use?


There are no hard and fast rules about using a particular wallpaper for a particular room, but it will depend on the longevity of the look. Always select the right type of paper for the right room if you can, and with the choice of papers available you should be able to get the exact look you want.

The design you choose will be affected by the amount of light in a room, the other fittings you already have and the colour of those fixtures. If you have a wood floor, for instance, the colour of the wood may change the overall appearance of the wallpaper when on the wall, which may make it not as appealing, so always make sure you have made a plan for the whole scheme before you commit to one paper.

Use it for camouflage


Wallpaper may not be your first choice in your interior design, but if you have a house with damaged or rough walls textured wallpaper should be your first choice.

Textured wallpapers are thicker and can hide any imperfections in a wall. Construction is not a fool proof industry, and not all walls are as straight as they should be over time, add to that the fact that they can also get damaged, a textured wallpaper can bring them back to looking fabulous with very little outlay.

Some textures are designed to be painted if you don’t want a self-pattern, then you can still have the room colour you want over interesting walls that don’t highlight any of its imperfections.



Wallpaper is different from every other decorating technique, so here are a few tips to remember next time you redecorate:

  • Buy the best wallpaper you can afford. It may be tempting to economize on the cost of everything to get ‘a bargain’, but when wallpaper is concerned, it’s better to wallpaper less than buy cheap. The quality of the paper you choose will be compromised to cut costs, which means that it will not look as nice for as long, and will also be much harder to hang. Only paper one accent wall, rather than a whole room, if your chosen paper doesn’t fit your budget.
  • Consider the whole look of the room. If you are used to plain walls then wallpaper can be a big change. Think about the permanent fixtures in the room and how they will be affected by the change. Take a bit of time to find the wallpaper you really want as you will be living with it for a while.
  • Consider the use of lining paper if your walls are rough and you have chosen a thin paper. It will give a better finish, as will priming the walls before you hang either. Lining paper is exactly what it says it is – a thin, plain paper that you can paint, or paper, over.
  • Seriously consider having your paper hung by a professional. Here at Normandeau Window Coverings, we have a team of expert decorators that hang our paper as it is a delicate job. Well-laid wallpaper looks fantastic, so don’t risk unsightly mistakes and ask for our team to make it perfect.

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