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Why Can’t I Just Make my Own Window Coverings?

Often, we have Calgarians come into our store to take a look around. They’re not sure what they want, but they’re looking for ideas. We’ll ask them about their home and design preferences, and we’ll help guide them towards a window covering that’s a good fit for their home. Sometimes, we’ll hear homeowners quietly whisper to their partner that they could make the same thing at home, but could they really?

Maybe. We’re not going to assume that no one in a city as large as Calgary has the skills to recreate the window coverings we sell, but we’re pretty confident in saying those who could are far and few between. Is it relatively easy to make certain, simple drapes? Sure. Can you buy basic hardware off the shelf? Absolutely. But at Normandeau, we don’t sell simple drapes with cheap hardware.

Our window coverings are created to last and remain beautiful for a lifetime. We are very selective about the products we sell, and we only supply Albertans with the best window coverings we can. You’ll find many of our drapes are in luxurious fabrics that aren’t so easy to cut and sew as plain cotton. Many of the patterns available at Normandeau are also unique; you won’t be able to find the fabric to recreate them. We only sell quality products, and many of them come with warranties guaranteeing them against manufacturing errors. When you create your own curtains, if they fade or fall apart, it’s up to you to replace them.

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If you come into Normandeau, you’ll quickly notice that we don’t sell just drapes. We have many types of window coverings that are much more technical and difficult to make. It might be fair to say that no one in Calgary could recreate some of our favourite Hunter Douglas items.

When you shop at Normandeau, you’re not simply buying curtains. You’re buying a complement to your home. You’re buying easy to use. You’re buying stays beautiful for decades. While it’s certainly true that some Calgarians may be able to make their own curtains, we’d argue that, when they’re looking at our quality products, and they lean over to whisper that they can make the same thing at home, maybe, just maybe, they’re underestimating the longevity and quality of our products and overestimating the mental-image of their own creation.

Want to choose window coverings that will help your home looks its best for years to come? Come into Normandeau today!