What Does it Mean to be an Expert at Calgary Window Coverings? - Normandeau Window Coverings

What Does it Mean to be an Expert at Calgary Window Coverings?

Here at Normandeau, we feel that there’s more to being an expert about the window covering industry and Calgary window coverings than just saying you are one. However, it can be hard for Calgary consumers to sort the true window covering experts from the people only interested in selling them the most expensive product that they can. So what do we feel sets us apart? Well, there’s a few things…

Free Quotes and Consultations. We believe in helping Calgarians find the right products to meet their window covering needs and budget. We will work with you to find the perfect product and then come to your home to help measure your windows. This ensures that you have a proper fitting. After our discussion of your prefered designs and styles and having the exact measurements of your actual windows, we can also provide you a comprehensive quote while on site.

The Hunter Douglas 20/20 Gallery Gold Guarantee. Because Normandeau is a Hunter Douglas Gallery Dealer, we are proud to be able to include the 20/20 Gallery Gold Guarantee that guarantees customer satisfaction. We are also able to offer our clients the flexibility of choosing motorized shades. With Hunter Douglas and Normandeau, it’s easy for you to motorize one shade controlled by a remote or to integrate an automated system that can control all of your window coverings. Along with being a gallery dealer, we are also certified Hunter Douglas motorization specialists.

Our free consultations, 20/20 gold guarantee, and certification as a Hunter Douglas motorization specialist are just a few of the reasons we consider ourselves experts on Calgary window coverings. After all, with every single one of our installers being certified under the Hunter Douglas Master Installer program and the fact that we have worked with Albertans from Lacombe to Lethbridge and everywhere in between, it’s hard to list all of our certifications. Are you ready to meet the best of Alberta’s window covering industry? Contact Normandeau today at 403-452-1545.