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Wallpaper for a New You!

Wallpaper is making a comeback! Not the huge, violently colored, floral affairs your Grandma used to plaster all over her home that gave you nightmares when you stayed over, but beautifully crafted, innovative designs with a multitude of rich choices in color, style and design. With all the technology used in today’s interior styling, modern wallpaper is a far cry from the days of, ‘one design, eight colors’, and has moved on to being able to be a source personal expression, whilst making all your home décor ‘pop’ in all the right places.

History unrolled


It may seem like wallpaper was invented by your eager Granny to torture your eyeballs on every visit, but paper wall coverings date as far back as the Renaissance era in Europe. Most home walls of that time were made of stone and were very cold – all year round. Tapestries were used to cover the walls to keep the heat in and make the home more comfortable, but they were time consuming to create and very, very costly. ‘Paper’ tapestries were invented to perform the same function, but soon became complete room coverings as they hid blemishes in the walls and gave the impression of wealth and luxury.

As the industry became popular more diverse techniques were employed, so much so that different manufacturers could be recognized by the print and style of the paper. Technology had moved on so far that by the 1980’s wallpaper was inexpensive and common in most homes, but the designs hadn’t really moved any further than botanical prints and geometry. It was then that it became passé, and people turned to plain walls with wall paintings to brighten up the room.

Going full circle


In the last two or three years new designers have begun to update the look and feel of wallpaper for the modern home and create elegant, fun, colorful designs that breathe new life into the ancient art, even making some downright quirky, but desirable. Interior designers and home décor specialists are continuing to grow tired of plain walls and are turning to wallpaper to make a statement – and wallpaper creators are stepping up to the mark. It’s time to take a look at what is available.

At Normandeau wallcoverings we use JF fabrics wallcoverings. We have chosen them as the quality of their designs and product cannot be beaten. They take their range very seriously, even creating beautiful wall murals, and producing elegant matching fabrics to compliment their wallpapers.

Whatever your desire, style or mood, JF Fabric wallcoverings at Normandeau Window Coverings has got you covered!

Thinking outside the ‘paper’ box


It’s easy to think that as the product is called ‘wallpaper’, that is can only go on walls. Not any more! Whilst you can still simply purchase your rolls and paper the whole room in your chosen design, you can also choose to:

Paper one accent wall and paint the others a complimentary color that will ‘frame’ the paper and show it off in its best light. This is also a great compromise if the members your family have differing views on how much wallpaper to use or the boldness of the design.

Look up! Why not paper the ceiling? A delicate design can offset the plainness of a room, or you can accent light fixtures and crown molding with a dash of intrigue.

If you have columns or half walls, you can use wallpaper to make them more of a feature and add a touch of elegance to a room. It’s easy to do as the space is smaller which makes the pieces of paper easier to handle.

Most modern wallpaper companies also provide a brilliant selection of wall sized murals that you can consider. Each design is unique and will definitely make a statement in any room.

Use scraps of your chosen paper to accent the furniture within the room. This will give a cohesion to the design, ultimately giving it a professional polished look. Look at what you have in the room, but particularly think about:

  • Table tops
  • Book case backboards
  • Doors and door panels
  • Headboards
  • Stair risers
  • Wastepaper baskets and storage boxes
  • Drawer fronts and liners
  • Old picture frames, mirrors and windows
  • Cupboard interiors

Deciding to wallpaper your home may seem like a huge step in a different decorating direction, but it can freshen up your décor ideas and open new doors that you haven’t yet been through. You’ll find out that wallpaper is versatile, exciting and available in huge rage of amazing designs that you just cannot replicate with paint.

Get a free in-home consultation today so you can dress up your walls with a unique and amazing designs!