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Textures in Interior Design

An important part of interior design is textures, though they are often overlooked. Textures determine how a room absorbs and reflects light, and can change the overall first impression of a room drastically. For example, a room with heavy velvet drapes, plush cushions, and textured wallpaper would feel very Victorian, and a room with sheer blinds, exposed brick, and brushed metal would feel modern.

“Just as you think about colour and pattern, also consider how you can mix textures in your room schemes. All surfaces have texture be they matt or shiny, coarse or fine, rough or smooth. If you are thinking of working with just one colour group it is particularly important to introduce different textures.” This article on Ace Interior Design gives many examples and lots advice on how to work textures into your room, and how to use them to add dimension to neutral colour schemes.

Whether you choose drapery, blinds, or a combination of both will affect the texture of your room just as much as the colours and fabric you use. Whether you choose horizontal vanes like the Silhouette Blinds, soft folds like Pirouette Shades, or flat blinds like Duette Architella will determine how “soft” or “hard” your walls and windows look. Choosing wooden materials over fabrics can also add a natural touch to your room.

Written By Randy Normandeau. Visit Randy on Google+