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Remote-Control Your View with Motorized Window Coverings

Is your beautiful wall of windows casting a glare on your lifestyle? Are you finding it difficult to enjoy the view by day and the mood by night? The solution might be simpler than you thought.



The convenient remote-control technology used to operate your televisions, ceiling fans, lights and other household appliances also can be used to control your window coverings. From one window to an entire house, motorized blinds and drapes can be controlled easily from a single remote or the same system operating the other appliances in your home. You can even program the system to raise, lower, open and close your window coverings on the schedule you choose.

You might enjoy your morning cup of coffee with a wide-open view but be unable to watch television due to the glare. A motorized system allows you to partially or completely close one or more window coverings to get the just the right amount of light but none of the pesky glare.



A full wall of windows, popular in today’s modern homes, provides a beautiful architectural statement but what about privacy? If your windows are really large, the sheer weight of manual pulls to open and close blinds and drapes could be a problem. Motorized window coverings provide an elegant, convenient and quiet solution.

From honeycomb or woven shades, to sheers or privacy draperies, you set the style as well as the light with motorized window coverings. Best of all, you can operate them from the convenience of your iPhone®, iPad®, or iPod Touch® using a free app called Platinum™ App from Hunter Douglas. It’s so simple and the results are so perfectly customized for your every mood or natural light needs, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without motorized window coverings.

As one of Calgary’s only Certified Motorization Specialists for Hunter Douglas, Normandeau Window Coverings can assist you in all aspects of designing and implementing motorized window coverings. Visit Normandeau Window Coverings at any one of their seven Alberta locations to see their many beautiful options for customizing your wall of windows with motorized window coverings.

Written By Randy Normandeau. Visit Randy on Google+