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How to Keep Drapes Tidy

We find a lot of homeowners don’t think of drapes as the kind of thing that ever gets dirty. However, just like any fabric addition to your home, drapes collect quite a bit of dust. Carpets need to be vacuumed, throw pillows plumped, and drapes cleaned. Fortunately this doesn’t require too much work and shouldn’t add much time to your regular cleaning routine.

Dusting is going to be your go-to chore for keeping your drapes in great shape. While drapes can be steam cleaned and benefit from the occasional deep cleaning, a weekly steam-clean isn’t only an unrealistic time investment, but it would also likely damage your drapes over time. Instead, you’ll be relying on the dusting tool of your choice (a feather duster, vacuum, fancy dusting gadget, or even just a dry rag works great). Start at the top of your drapes and work your way down, this way you’ll only knock dust down to the part you haven’t cleaned yet. You’ll also want to make sure to pay extra attention to hems and folds since these areas are dust magnets. If your curtains are dark, a damp cloth is an excellent tool; if your curtains are light coloured, you may find the vacuum with a dusting attachment is a better choice. Finally don’t forget to dust / vacuum both sides of the curtains rather than just the one facing in.

Freshening your drapery is a great way to spruce them up without really affecting their lifespan. To freshen drapery, just spray a little of your favourite linen spray on them (just one or two sprays) and throw them in your dryer on the lowest setting — tumble dry works great. Avoid using any laundry softener — even the sheets can stain your drapery.  Remember to put your drapes back up the way they were hanging when you took them down. This is especially important if your drapes are lined with linings, you can rotate the drapes by hanging the left panel on the right side, and right panel on the left side to balancing out the fading.

Washing is a chore you’ll want to put off as much as possible. While it’s necessary when curtains become soiled, each wash will take away from your drapes’ lifespan and beauty. The fewer times you have to wash them the better. There are several different ways to wash drapes, and which way you choose will depend a lot on what sort of fabric you have and what tools you have access to. Some drapes can be washed in the washing machine, others must be dry cleaned by professionals.  Check out our next blog in the come weeks for more information on cleaning your drapes.

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