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How-to: Control the Heat in Your Bedroom

Window coverings not only control light and add beauty to your home – energy-efficient Hunter Douglas products can help you save energy and money in three ways:  insulation, solar heat control and daylighting.

An insulating window covering works in both winter and summer to reduce heat transfer through the window.  In winter, the window covering slows heat transfer out of the window, keeping more warmth inside.  In summer, it slows heat transfer into the home, reducing the need for cooling.  In summer, solar heat control becomes more important than insulation.  Solar heat is brought into the home by direct or reflected sunlight.  The sunlight becomes heat when it warms the air and the furnishings in its path.  The warmed furnishings, in turn, give off heat to the room.  To maintain comfort, the warmed room must be cooled, requiring more electricity that would be needed if the solar energy had been properly controlled by window coverings.  Another important energy-related function of window coverings is to diffuse incoming sunlight to soften it and bring it deeper into a room.  This function is called daylighting.

In addition to reducing glare and improving visual comfort, daylighting can sometimes save energy by reducing the need for electrical lighting.

Window coverings can help control two other types of energy: ultraviolet (UV) light and sound.  UV light is an invisible part of sunlight which can damage furnishings and finishes.  Most Hunter Douglas products block over 95% of UV light.  Soft window coverings can absorb up to 70% of sound energy, which helps quiet the room.  Hard window coverings, on the other hand, reflect most sound, which helps keep out exterior noise but does not dampen interior sound.

Hunter Douglas has created an Energy Efficiency Chart – the star ratings allow you to compare the relative energy efficiency performance of the different types of window coverings within their product line.  We can help you to understand the benefits that each product can offer, helping you to decide which window covering product will work the best for each room in your home.