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How a Few Changes can Change the Feel of Your Room

After years of the same old look, it’s natural that we get a little tired of our rooms’ and home’s decor. However, that doesn’t mean everything needs to be changed around. Often the familiarity of having everything where you want it and the practicality behind those choices still stands. But there are a few simple changes you can do to give your home a new feel.

Create a Gallery Wall. A collection of images with a central theme can breath new creativity into a room. Try to use a variety of different sizes and an arrangement that draws the eye. A well thought-out gallery can be a great focus point in any room, and it’s guaranteed to make a blank wall more interesting.

A New Window Treatment. Window coverings are often overlooked when people are deciding on their room’s decor. Here at Normandeau though, we want everyone to remember that a change of blinds or curtains can really change the temperament of a room. Our last blog has several ideas for how to achieve a modern, stylish look with a new window treatment. You can also just come into Normandeau and see the hundreds of options for yourself.

A Different Coat of Paint. Many people make the mistake of painting their new house before they’ve organized or even bought the furniture. It’s very difficult to pick the perfect colour for your walls before you can see all your pieces working together. Now that you’ve had time to collect cute throw pillows and arrange your rooms, maybe it’s time to revisit your painting decision.

There are many ways to modernize a room and change the feel of your house. New colours, new textures, and new designs can be added to almost any aspect of design. Remember to not overwhelm the space though. Pick a central focus and have the rest of the pieces complete the look. If you’re ready to upgrade your home’s decor, come into Normandeau and find the perfect change to your rooms today.