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Get your Home Holiday Ready!

Some people get really into the holidays. December first rolls around and everything from the placemats to the throw cushions have turned red and gold or green and silver. The year round decor is taken down and replaced with little santas, a nativity scene, or a candelabrum. The kitchen table center piece is a poinsettia, and they already have the tree up with lights, decorations, and presents wrapped up beneath.  But assuming you aren’t the type of person to plan out your holiday home three months in advance, what are some simple ways you can get your house ready for the holiday fun? We suggest using your senses.

Sight. For the average person, sight is one of the senses we rely on the most. You don’t have to go crazy buying little santa statues or snowmen ornaments, but tidying up the house so it’s guest friendly and adding a little crimson can help bring the holidays to life. If you’re not ready to commit to setting up the tree quite yet, try to add a little holiday decor. Perhaps a wreath on the door or stockings waiting for goodies. Visual cues are very important to most people, so if your home looks like it would at any other time of year, it probably feels the same as it would at any other time of year.

Sound. What do the holidays sound like to you? For some its cheery secular christmas carols like Here Comes Santa Claus being sung by children. I prefer a jazzy rendition of Baby It’s Cold Outside. Maybe add some bells to the front door that jingle when anyone leaves or comes in. The sound of a kettle can also make the home feel cozy. Little things like a couple bells and tea can help make your home really feel more holiday ready.

Smell. The holiday spirit always seems easier for children to catch. Perhaps that’s why smell — which is often linked to memories — is such a great way to invoke the feeling. Baking gingerbread men and lighting candy cane candles can usher in the holiday feeling like nothing else. If you opt for an artificially tree some incense, air freshener, or candles scented with ever green can help make the tree feel more real! Even if you aren’t ready to decorate or listen to the holiday tunes, you’ll be surprised by how much change a little holiday scent can bring.

Is your home holiday ready or are you still looking for ideas? Either way, Normandeau wishes you a Happy Holidays!