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Design Trends: Wallpaper

Since the 1930s, wallpaper trends have been up and down every couple of decades. In recent years, wallpapering has swung back into popularity, and it has left many Calgary homeowners wondering what to do. They may look at a patterned wallpaper and not see an aesthetic they want in their own home. However, there are many types of wallpaper available, and we’re sure most Calgarians interested in this trend can find one that suites them.

Wallpaper Calgary

Lining Paper


Is plain wallpaper that is usually used to cover uneven surfaces and minor defects. After lining paper is glued on, it is usually painted.

Textured Paper


Has embossed patterns. When a textured wallpaper is made from paper or vinyl it is referred to as anaglypta. Anaglypta is praised for being lightweight and flexible. Lincrusta is a heavier more durable textured paper made from a linseed oil and wood flour paste. Lincrusta has a proud history of being used in the homes of royals and nobles, and many examples of century old lincrusta can still be found all over the world. Like the plain lining paper, textured paper can be painted. We suggest trying a bold combination of colour for a rich, sophisticated look.

Patterned Paper


Is the traditional design for wallpaper. It is printed with a (usually) small, repeating design. Patterned paper continues to be the popular choice for homeowners. Today, consumers have the option to have unique custom wallpapers created just for their home. This allows a homeowner to create the precise look they desire. Custom wallpapering also offers homeowners the opportunity to print only as much paper as they need. One homeowner may choose to paper their entire home; another may prefer to cover just a single wall. Contrasting colours can help an accent colour in your room to pop.

Wall Murals


Can be stretched paintings or high resolution photographs that turn your wall into a forest, outer space, the louvre, or anything else you can imagine. Wall murals are very modern, and they will help any room to stun and wow guests. Just choose a breathtaking image to have printed and bring a little bit of the Rockies or Europe into your home.

Wallpaper is always floating in and out of fashion, but at Normandeau we hope it’s here to stay for a while. Painted walls can look great, but the right wallpaper can help create a truly unique and beautiful space. Need help updating your home’s look? The experts at Normandeau know all the latest interior design trends. Come in today.