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Colour Trends that Suit You

At the beginning of each new year, homeowners across Alberta are thinking about what they want and how to achieve their goals. Perhaps you’ve decided to appreciate the little things or to live a happier, less-stressful life.  At Normandeau, we believe a new you deserves a home that represents the changes you’ve made to your life.

Pick a New Palette.

Recently our experts came across sico’s website.  If you aren’t familiar with sico, they create gorgeously vivid and durable paints for both the inside and exterior of your home.  One of our favourite parts of the sico website is all the tools they have to help homeowners choose a new colour collection  for their home. From classic neutrals with warm yellows and rich green accents to vibrant neons full of fun and child-like intrigue, you can be sure that sico has a palette that will suit you. 

Or Choose a Colour.

If you already have a specific colour in mind, sico also offers you the opportunity to scroll through their entire colour collection.  Once you’ve clicked on a colour that speaks to you, sico will automatically offer you suggested colour duos and trios that work well with your selection. 

Try Before you Buy.

The final feature that we thought homeowners would love is the ability to upload a picture of your room and see just what it would like in a new colour. While it doesn’t work perfectly, this feature does give you a great opportunity to get a general idea of how a particular colour would look in a specific part of your home.

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Are you ready for your home to be a statement?  Sico can help you to choose colours that work together to create a beautiful home.  And when you’ve finished picking your palette, come into Normandeau so we can help you find the perfect window coverings for your home’s new look. Contact us today.