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Change the Color of your Drapery and Lift your Spirit

Some people might think the idea of colour effecting moods is pretty hokey, but it’s actually a real branch of psychology. The colour of things has a real effect on humans, and we see corporations taking advantage of this in marketing every day. In medicine, science has even seen a placebo effect caused by colour. By making medically identical pills a different colour, they would have a stronger effect. Specifically, depressants that were blue and stimulants in a warm red or yellow worked better than chemically identical pills of other colours.

But what does this have to do with your drapes? Well the colours of your drapes are going to slightly alter how you feel when you’re in there. Unfortunately, for the moment, the science isn’t perfectly consistent, so we can’t give you the perfect colour for your bedroom to help you sleep nor the best colour for your office. However, there is some agreement.

Bright Colours. Vibrant and bright greens, yellows, oranges, and blues are all colours that encourage happiness and a friendly, cheery atmosphere. Some think they encourage people to be more awake and talkative as well. That makes them a good option for social places like the kitchen, living room, and dining. They may also make an office space feel more fun, however, they probably aren’t the best choice for a relaxing library or bedroom.

Dark Colours. Rich, dark tones of burgundy, navy, and forest green are usually used sparingly because they can cause a restricting or even gloomy presence when overused. However, rooms accented in these colours, often have a bold, secure, and debonaire feel. For some reason, it has been suggested that navy blue, while relaxing, makes a person less chatty. This makes it an ideal bedroom or waiting room colour.

Every colour affects each person a little differently. Some people love the warmth of red and find it makes the space feel energized; others think it’s too aggressive. Whatever colour and feeling you are looking for, we’re sure we have the window covering for you at Normandeau. Call us today at (403) 456-0087.