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Keeping Your Window Coverings Child Safe.

Children are infinitely curious and often have a habit for finding danger in the harmless. In this respect, window coverings are no different. Window blinds and drapes with their long dangling drawstrings or ropes can pose a risk to children, and we at Normandeau want to limit that danger as much as you do.

Fortunately, many blind manufacturers are equally committed to child safety. Hunter Douglas, for example, has an entire line of cordless alternatives designed with safety in mind. Virtually any of their drapes are available with at least one of their cordless variations, and they have additional safety features available if going cordless isn’t an option for your home.

Cordless Alternatives

There are several different systems that provide cordless alternatives to Hunter Douglas’s window coverings. The two most widely available options are motorization and the LiteRise cordless system. The LiteRise cordless operating system allows you to easily adjust your blinds and shades. This is done by lifting or lowering the bottom rail. A built-in control will keep the window covering balanced, and it’s so easy that a couple fingers on the bottom of the rail will do. This control will also make sure your blind or shade stays secure and locked in place.

The motorized system is also an extremely simple system to use. Since these coverings are not lifted manually, the need for potentially dangerous dangling cords is eliminated. The covering is controlled by a remote, a wall switch, or even from your iPhone. This makes motorized systems extremely handy for large or out-of-reach windows. Other less available options for making your blinds cordless include vertiglide and wand control. Certain products such as Heritance® Hardwood Shutters, NewStyle® Hybrid Shutters, and Palm Beach™ Polysatin Shutters are simply cordless by design, while most others will require specifically choosing one of the cordless alternatives. Two more options that eliminating drawstrings are the clutch lifting system and simple lift. However, both of these technologies are less widely available.

Other Safety Features

If going cordless doesn’t work for your home and family, Hunter Douglas has several other safety technologies that you can incorporate to make your window coverings child-safe. Ultraglide keeps the cord at a constant length and out of reach while the combination wand/cord keeps the cord taut and beautifully hidden within the wand. The cord tensioner also keeps cords taut. It holds onto looped cords making them easy to use and, when installed correctly, can help to reduce the risk of child entanglement. Hunter Douglas’s last option is a cord cleat. The cord cleat will fit almost any standard cordlock product and allows all cords to be wrapped around the cleat. This keeps long dangling strings both tidy and out of the way of inquisitive children.

All of these technologies were designed for one purpose: to help keep your kids and grandkids safe. Most blinds and shades are available with multiple options to suit any home or budget. If you have any questions on child-safe window coverings, don’t hesitate call Normandeau today at 403-242-8349.