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Window Covering Solutions Series: Before and After

Problem and Solutions Series NORMANDEAU CALGARY

Is it Beautiful or is it Functional?: Before and After

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Challenge:  This client found that their shutters didn’t block as much light as they would like and a particularly strong street light would pound though keeping them up at night.  Also, they found the room a bit spare and echoey.

Solution:  We added Ripplefold style drapery and a beautiful chrome channel rod on the ceiling.  The chrome plays off their light fixture and side table lamps perfectly and by mounting on the ceiling, we can block even the light that will creep out the top of the drapery panels.  We had to watch the depth of the drapery to be sure that it wouldn’t rub on their detailed moulding around the windows.

Result:  The neutral panels keep with the airy feel of the decor, adding interest and texture but also serving some distinct functions.  They block the light leaking through the shutters and also baffle the sound in a large room.  The room feels softer and more finished but also helps the owners sleep!

Hardware: Textile Trimmings
Designer: Gillian

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