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Window Shades vs. Window Blinds: What are the Differences and Which One is Right for You?

The differences are easy – which one is right for you is more subjective and will require you to examine what your needs and priorities are for window coverings.   Below, we present the pros and cons of each to help you decide whether a blind or shade is the best option for your home.

Generally, blinds are a hard, tilting window treatment.  They have the ability to be completely lowered to cover the window but with the additional flexibility that slats or vanes offer.  The slats or vanes of a blind allow you to control the amount of light or privacy you will have when the blind is down.  There are several differences between Faux Wood and Wood blinds.  Faux wood can be made from PVC or wood flour and glue which makes faux wood treatments heavier than real wood.  Wood blinds are made from a variety of different woods such as North American Basswood, maple, cherry and oak.  Due to the weight of faux wood blinds they require more ladders (strings that support the louvers) than wood blinds which means that you have more obstructed view with faux woods than with real wood blinds.

Shades are soft, open-closed window treatments.  This means that shades do not have the ability to tilt in the window, however, they offer many other benefits.  They have different options such as top down bottom up, view through during the day and privacy at night.  There are a few drawbacks when it comes to shades.  A lot of shades roll up into a cassette making your window wide open to enjoy your view. Some treatments include Honeycomb cellular shades, Roman Shades, Woven Woods and Rollers.

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