What is Window Film? - Normandeau Window Coverings

What is Window Film?

Window film is a thin laminate coating the can be installed on almost any glass surface. It is often seen in cars to help reduce glare and increase safety, but films can be added just as easily to boats, houses, and corporate buildings. Window films are installed for many different reasons, and they can be created to fill hundreds of purposes. Because the laminate can have a huge variety of thickness, colours, and shades, window film provides a solution for all types of challenges.

While thermal insulation, UV protection, and heat and glare reduction are the most common uses of window films, there are also laminates created to give privacy, display branding, and protect the surface from graffiti. Regardless of what other properties the film may have, most window laminates will reduce the amount of light (including UV and infrared) entering through the window.

The effect granted by window films also differ depending on where they are placed. In a hot climate, installing a thermal film on the exterior of the glass can help reduce energy coming into the home by 80%. In Canada, we usually recommend putting the film on the interior of the glass where it will help your home retain heat in winter.

Here at Normandeau, we love the many different options window films offer our clients. In fact, many people have and are benefiting from window films already without realizing it. One of the most common window films is used in vehicles to stop the glass from shattering during an accident.

Window film is a great addition to almost any window. It can be used to reduce glare and help prevent heat loss in winter. We also love how our clients can use it at their business for branding and at their homes for added privacy. Come into Normandeau today to ask our experts how you can use window films today!