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Pantone Reveals Its 2015 Color of the Year

Since 2000, Pantone has annually released a colour of the year. 2014’s colour was the beautifully chilling radiant orchard that combined both warm and cold tones. This year’s colour: marsala is a lot less frost and a lot more earth.

Pantone has been a leader in colour for many years. Its colour of the year is taken seriously by designers and creators in all areas of the consumer-good market. It’s likely you’ll be seeing a lot of marsala in this years makeup, fashion, and home decor including window coverings like blinds and drapes.

Marsala is a tired burgundy shade that blends the warmth of red with a rich, neutral brown. While some may think the colour looks washed out, we find that it works really well an an accent colour with a larger piece. One of our suppliers, kravet, clearly agrees. Kravetcolors’ new brochure highlights fabrics inspired by Pantone’s choice. Any of their many options has the potential to bring a warmth and earthy sophisticated feel to a room.

However, if you’re not on board with the marsala craze, don’t worry — our selection of window coverings always includes a huge variety of colours and styles. Besides, while it may seem like a long time until 2016, years have this tendency to zip by and marsala will be quick out the door with it.

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