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New Year, New You, New Window Coverings

With New Year’s, comes resolutions that, as much as we don’t like to admit it, will probably be long forgotten by February. January has that new start feeling. It gives a sense of invincibility; like once a year we’re able to wipe away baggage and issues and have a clean start to better ourselves, our lives, our world. This year, why not try a change that will stick: a home makeover.

You define your home, and so your home defines your. Are you the kind of person who likes sleek, colour-coordinated design or do you prefer bright and humorous throw pillows? What do you want your house to say about you? That you’re ambitious and successful? Maybe frame your old high school and college diploma. Add any other certificates that you’re proud of. Would your prefer your home says you love to read? Then use bookshelves in common areas. Maybe paint favourite quotes from stories and authors on the wall. A confident, new self can begin with a confident, new home that you’re proud to invite friends and guests to.

Purchasing new window coverings is a great place to begin in your home makeover. That’s because the right window covering is going to help you reach more than one of your goals: window coverings help to make your home more energy efficient. With the right blinds and drapes, you’ll be lowering your energy use and carbon footprint. It makes sense: windows are incredibly inefficient and easily transfer heat energy. That means in the summer, you’ll be absorbing heat you don’t want, and in winter, you’ll be losing heat you want to keep. But, with the right window covering, you can help put an end to some of that heat loss and gain.

Besides helping the environment, you can help your home step up to a brand new look. 2015s trends include creating a layered look with two to three different drapes, lightly floral window treatments, and anything that falls under “pretty.” The modern, bright patterns of 2014, are giving way to a romanticized beauty 2015. If you want your house to tell your visitors that you are on top of everything, including the latest in home decor trends, come into Normandeau today and talk with the experts.