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How the Blinds in Your Calgary Home Can Help Keep you Warm this Winter

Did you know that blinds are an effective method of both heating and cooling your home? The right blinds could actually lower your energy costs, regulate the temperature of your home and enhance its overall appearance.

If insulation is your primary goal then cellular shades are going to be a great option for you to choose. As sunshine streams in your window, the gap between the window and your blinds captures the heat, creating a greenhouse effect which is desirable in cooler months. In the hotter months these blinds provide an insulating layer that drastically cuts the amount of heat that enters through the windows.

A great example of these insulating cellular shades is the Duette cellular line from Hunter Douglas. Available in many different fabrics and colors as well as different pleat sizes you can maintain the temperature of your home and create a great look as well.

These window coverings are true marvels. Also known as honeycomb shades, cellular shades consist of anywhere from one to three layers of cells. Inside each cell is what’s known as “dead air,” which increases the insulating value of these cellular shades.

Cellular shades are made of fabric that’s been pleated in accordion style. The cells are effectively tubes that create a barrier between the cold of glass windows and the inside of your home. Although these shades may look fragile and paper-like, the fabric used to manufacture them does have weight and softness.

An interesting aspect of cellular shades is that, in addition to trapping heat and keeping it inside your home, they also insulate your home against noise from outdoors. This makes cellular shades an ideal choice for a baby or child’s room, where quiet is essential.

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