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Help to Keep Your Home Warm This Winter

While we have the occasional chinook to break up the snow and ice, winter in Calgary is still pretty cold. Gas bills jump during the winter months, and it’s not news to anyone that homes are pretty bad at keeping all that expensive heat inside of the house. But what can you do? Well, once you identify that windows and doors are the main heat-loss culprit, it turns out there’s quite a bit you can do to solve this problem and make your home more efficient!

Draft Snakes are long tubes of fabric. They can be filled with grain (rice is a common choice), scraps of fabric, or even pillow filling. When placed in front of door cracks and windows, they help to prevent drafts from entering your home. Draft snakes are easy to make, and you can find instructions online with a quick google search. Just pick up a fabric that complements your home, sew a long narrow pillow, fill with rice, and sew up the end.

Layering Curtains is proven to help decrease the amount of heat lost through windows during the winter months. You’ll want to pick warm, thick fabrics like wool or velvet. And make sure that your window coverings go from ceiling to floor. The air between the layered fabric creates a bubble of insulation. If you need help selecting the right look for your home, the experts at Normandeau can point you in the right direction. The balance between practicality and beauty doesn’t need to require a sacrifice of either.

Window Insulation Film works to eliminate the need for draft snakes. It also helps to provide an even better insulating effect than layered curtains. When applied correctly, window film completely seals out any drafts. The space between the window and the film acts as an insulating cushion of air. Most hardware stores carry window insulation film, and it can make a big difference during the winter months.

Have you struggled to keep your home warm during the winter? High efficiency windows can be really expensive, but losing all of your precious heat out cheap windows isn’t much better. Here at Normandeau, we hope that you can use a combination of tools like draft snakes, curtains, and window insulation film to keep your home cozy ‘til spring!