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Window Treatments for Every Room

If you think that curtains are for the sole purpose of darkening a room, then you are missing out on an opportunity to make a statement about your style, but also refresh the atmosphere of a room. Hanging curtains, blinds or drapes is one of the quickest and most affordable ways to brighten a room and make a real change. Whichever way you look at it, curtains make a huge difference.

The type of window treatment you choose makes the most impact on design, so you need to carefully consider where, why and how you are going to hang your draperies. After all these decisions are made, you then need to look at rods, valences, trims, tie backs and then finally, patterns and material. There is such a myriad of choices it would be great have a guide to help you through the window treatment maze.

Here we offer some help for specific treatments for different rooms to help you see what is available.



If you are a sleeper that is easily disturbed by light or the drapes are for a baby or child’s room, then you need to consider blackout curtains, panels or blinds. Different products block out differing amounts of light, right up to 99%, so be sure which will work best for you. Some of the linings also reflect heat and muffle street noise, which is great if you work shifts or have a non-traditional sleep schedule.

There are different ways to add blackout ability to your window treatments, one is to put a liner in your curtains. You can have them sewn in, or add a panel behind the fabric, but either will provide less light in the rbedroom. This is an economical way to blackout light as you can remove the liners to put in to subsequent drapes as the curtains will always be the same size. Modern blackout linings come in a huge range of colours which allows you to have some fun with both sides of your décor.

If you prefer a blind to a curtain, blackout blinds are readily available in different styles, colours and sizes. As a general rule, blackout blinds block out more light than fabric, so if you want a very dark room, even in bright sunlight – like a home theatre, then you can use both curtains and blinds at the same window for a fantastic window treatment.

Alternatively you can use a dark, heavy fabric such as velvet, wool or velour which will greatly reduce the penetration of light without the need for a liner.



A simple decorated panel can change the look of any window. They can be changed with the seasons, and don’t necessarily need to function as a curtain. Any fabric can be made into a panel, so consider a bold pattern, texture or colour to add a ‘pop’ of contrast as the panels do not have to overpower the room.

To add an elegant touch to a living room, choose eye catching details that complement the window treatment. The pleating at the top of each length can be done in numerous ways which sets the drapes apart from a standard window covering and add interest. There are box, pencil or concealed pencil pleats to name a few, but they are an easy way to give your curtains a beautiful finish. Whether you have a rod or rail, you can use the pleats to make a feature, some details accent the top of the fabric, others conceal it, but the choice is yours to make a fantastic set of drapes by mixing fittings, fabric and detail.

If you don’t need the drapes to darken the room, then consider using sheers to add privacy without losing any light. Again, modern sheers are available in many different styles and patterns to complement any room so make full use of looking at what is available.

Take the opportunity to add a valance to your new living room window décor. Valances can give a room personality as you can individualize them in seemingly endless ways, from a solid box valance to ethereal sheer swag, or whether you simply want to hide your drapery hardware. Adding a valance makes the curtains more of a focal point, adding a timeless touch of elegance to the rooms.


The kitchen and bathroom are places where full length drapes are not practical. A café rod, which is usually a tension rod suspended three quarters of the way up the window, is often used to provide interest but also privacy. Short drapes can be added, but they are not necessary.

Blinds are also a great way to add privacy to a kitchen and bathroom, and with so many choices available the options are endless, including sheer blinds. This is a great option in rooms where heating or cooling is inadequate as you can put up thermal blinds that reflect the cold in the winter, and the heat in the summer. These drapes, blinds and sheers can all be customized to match your room and add your own unique sense of style.

Careful planning can make stunning window treatments is every room, but to make sure that you are familiar with all the options available to you, call into your local Normandeau Window Covering store and talk to our friendly advisors. They are passionate about making your home a beautiful place you want to live and are well trained to help you make the most of your window coverings.