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Why Hunter Douglas Window Coverings?

You may be wondering why we carry so many products and designs from Hunter Douglas Canada. After all, there is a huge variety of Calgary window coverings to choose from. So many in fact, that there is a Window Covering Manufacturers Association or WCMA for short. Which brings us back to the question, why do Normandeau chooses to deal with Hunter Douglas window coverings and suggest them as our go-to product? Well, there’s a couple of reasons.

They’ve been around a while.

Hunter Douglas developed their very first light-weight aluminum blind almost 70 years ago in 1946. Since the very beginning, Hunter Douglas has shined through their dedication to quality and innovation. They have left a legacy of bench-mark creations. Energy-efficient designs created in 1985, raising the standard of elegance with their silhouette design in 1991, and, of course, combining beauty with privacy come 1994 with the innovative Luminette line.

They’re Award Winning.

The 2013 annual product awards distributed by WCMA should be able to shed even more light on our decision to recommend Hunter Douglas products. Just last year, Hunter Douglas won the most awards for the eighteenth consecutive year from WCMA product awards. Even more impressive, by winning more than half the prizes (a whopping 34 of 56) they also made history by winning the most awards ever in a single year. They also took home the best product of the year for the 13th year in a row. That’s pretty amazing.

With their legacy and award winning products, how could we not tell everyone just how great Hunter Douglas window coverings are? Whether you’re interested in privacy, fashion, or even sustainability – they won “Most Innovative Overall Concept in the Green Products” as well as “Best New Style Concept in the Green Products” – we have the Hunter Douglas window coverings for you.