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Why Choose Draperies?

While we often use the words curtains and draperies interchangeably here in North America, it may surprise you to learn that there actually is a difference between the two. Curtains, which are easier to make, are often cheaper and usually contain only one layer of cloth. Draperies are more expensive and have a lining that provides extra weight and makes the drape fold and cascade more majestically. Despite their differences, draperies and curtains often feel a similar niche, so why choose the more expensive draperies?

Environmental Benefits to Having a Lining. Since the main difference (other than cost) between draperies and curtains is the lining, it makes sense that the lining is also where you find the most benefit. Linings help to make draperies better at protecting your home from UV radiation. They also help to create black-out effects for sleeping during the day or in a bright city. Because there is so much fabric, when draperies are closed, they also help insulate your windows and keep your home more energy efficient. By closing them at night, you can keep heat in during the winter. If you close them on a hot summer day, draperies will help maintain a cooler home by blocking out the sun’s heat and light.

Aesthetic Benefits to Having a Lining. Drapes aren’t just practical, they also look nicer than regular curtains. The extra fabric gives drapes more body and weight. This equates to a more sophisticate and posh look. The lining also helps to protect your fabric from fading and decay. Drapes also give savvy homeowners the option to have a different interior and exterior fabric.

At Normandeau we love all window coverings: curtains, drapes, blinds, the works! We adore the class drapes bring, but enjoy the simple, minimalism that comes with curtains. And if you can’t choose, don’t worry!  2015’s window treatment fashion is all about layers, so you can order some of both and mix and match. Do your windows need a new treatment? Call Normandeau today at (403) 456-0087.