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What’s Trending in Drapery

With a resurgence of clients selecting drapery for their window coverings, there are so many diverse and beautiful fabrics to choose from and that may have you asking, what is trending right now in luxury fabrics?

You can warm up a room with luxury fabric drapery that will add warmth and character to your home as well as literally help to keep your house warmer during chilly nights. But, where should you start? 

If you are asking yourself where to begin your selection process, the answer is likely going to come from one of Normandeau Window Coverings’ drapery experts. In addition to Hunter Douglas products, each of our galleries can help you create custom looks using stunning fabric for drapes, throw pillows and more. 

“You are going to want to look at some of the beautiful new patterns, especially those in velvet.” Gillian Carfra, window coverings expert explains. “I am seeing a lot of new patterned velvet fabrics such as the Herbaria line that can be used for drapes and pillows. The velvet texture creates a wonderful transformation in any room.”

The top 3 rooms that you want to consider drapery for are, the living room, dining room and master bedroom. In the first 2 rooms, adding drapery will help you create a visually separate space for entertaining in your home. The more public areas of your house are great places to warm up and dress up your rooms.  Also, you will want to consider drapery for the master bedroom because it looks terrific and is also a fantastic way to keep your sleeping space darker. 

Is cost a concern? Adding fabrics to your window coverings can become more affordable if you use what Gillian calls a “stationary panel” along each side. This looks beautiful, frames your window, uses less fabric (therefore also costs less) and creates an ideal way to block the light from coming in while you are resting. You can achieve the look and benefits of designer drapes, within your renovation budget. 

Are you ready to look at today’s latest collections of patterned velvet fabrics for your home? If you’d like to learn more, visit us at any of our showrooms.

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