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Tips for Deep Cleaning your Drapes

Tips for Deep Cleaning your Drapes

In our previous blog we explain how to keep your curtains nice and tidy, but we only briefly touched on actually deep clean your drapes. That’s because it’s pretty difficult to give a how-to blog that works for every curtain. Here are few things may come to your mind when it comes to deep clean your custom drapes.

How Often?  Regardless of the cleaning instructions, you should only deep clean your custom drapes once a year at the very most. Every clean is going to shorten your custom drape’s lifespan and take away some of the beauty. Unless your custom drapery is very soiled, you’re much better off to just freshen it and dust regularly. For more information on keeping your drapes looking their best without washing them take a look at our previous blog. 

Spot Cleaning. If your drapes are soiled in a particular area, spot cleaning may be your best bet. It’s important to be careful when you do though. Vigorous scrubbing and soap may damage your curtains. You might also end up with an area that’s now cleaner than the rest of the drape and stands out just as much as before.

Dry Cleaning is The Deep Cleaning. While some drapes may be fine going in the wash —  most of the custom drapes you’ll find at Normandeau need to be dry cleaned. You should be able to take your drapes to your favourite dry cleaner and have them deep cleaned there. Remember that every time they’re cleaned (even when they’re dry cleaned), they’ll likely fade a little and be a bit more worn. Keep that in mind when you doing your spring/summer cleaning.

While cleaning your drapes can seem a bit nerve-racking, having them cleaned every two-three years won’t greatly reduce their lifespan. However, just a little tidying will do wonders. If you have any questions about buying window coverings in Calgary or keeping your blinds and custom draperies in great shape, call us today at (403) 456-0087.