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This Spring Expect Sunshine Yellow with a Touch of White

Did you know that every year Robert Allen Designs creates a spring forecast for designers across the globe? It’s true! And unlike with the weatherman, these predictions you can confidently rely on. So what colour trends should you be keeping an eye out for this year? Robert Allen tells us that yellow and yellow-white pairings are on the up-and-up for this spring and summer.

The Happiest Colour in the Rainbow.

After a couple years of chic grayscale, home design is embracing colour. More and more, psychologists and doctors are telling Canadians that we as a nation need to relax more and work less. We have an epidemic of chronic stress, and sunny fabrics are just what the doctor ordered. For some reason, science finds that yellow makes people happier. It encourages communication and optimism. Because of this, we suggest using our line of sunray fabrics for cushions, window treatments, and everything in between. But keep the yellow to public spaces like bathrooms, living rooms, and kitchens. Quiet spaces like bedrooms will benefit better from sleepy blues.

Sophisticated Yellow?

When Canadians are asked what fabric patterns and colours they find most sophisticated, likely answers will include royal purple, navy blues, and deep burgundies. But these aren’t the only way to achieve a traditional, classic style. Light yellows paired with white creates a surprisingly sophisticated match. Whether you’re adding to a floral cushion collection (you can never have too many florals) or prefer a geometric pattern, you’ll find this bright addition brings energy to your home without sacrificing class.

Baby Neutral.

With gender neutral names on the rise and more families opting to not learn the gender of their child to be, a gender-neutral decorating plan almost feels like a requirement in our modern world. After all, even the nurse can’t guarantee whether your bundle of joy will be getting blue balloons until after the baby’s born. The easiest way to avoid having a stack of “mommy’s little girl” onesies waiting for your new son is to decorate and choose fabrics that work for either gender. And at Normandeau, we absolutely encourage new parents to embrace the yellow. Yellow and white pairings with a touch of grey is a palette that can grow with your child. And don’t hold back on the blankets, cushions, and little details. You’ll likely be spending a lot of time in the nursery, so you’ll want it comfortable and looking great!

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