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The Top Three Sexiest Fabrics for Window Coverings

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, homeowner’s often feel tempted to make their bedroom and homes feel more romantic and luscious. We won’t deny that we’re biased, but our favourite way to spruce up a room and add a sense of luxury and class is to update the window coverings. Nothing helps make a home feel more divine than rich, cascading fabric tumbling from the ceiling to pool on the floor. In fact, no matter your fabric choice, volume and yardage will make a huge difference. If you want your drapes to stun, you’ll want a minimum of 1.5 to even 2 times the fabric necessary to cover the window. You’ll also want to be sure that the fabric can easily reach the floor. Nothing will ruin the effect quite like having your drapes dangling five inches above the ground.

Once you have your measuring out of the way, the most important question is left to be answered: which of our top three sexy fabrics is going to make your home perfect?

Silk is a protein fiber that is synthesized by several different insects as well as spiders. In the textile industry, silkworms are generally used. Silk is one of the oldest manufactured textiles dating back to China in 4900 BCE. The oldest relic of silk cloth is also from China but is slightly more recent dating 3630 BCE. Because of it beautiful appearance and absorbency, silk has long held a special place in fashion especially for dresses and undergarments. It’s luster and draping properties means that it holds a similarly revered place in textiles.

Linen is another ancient fabric, the linen industry dates back 4000 years with evidence in found in both ancient Egypt and Greece. It was even sometimes used as currency in these ancient cultures. Linen is created using flax plants making it a more animal-rights friendly choice. Like silk, linen is used widely in clothing, but as it’s more durable and easier to wash, you’ll also find linen towels, bags, and aprons. Linen is a lustrous fabric that gets softer with each wash; while some may complain that linen is rough and stiff, linen is equally likely to be soft and smooth. One of the simplest fabrics to keep clean, it’s important to note that linen wrinkles easily, but this feature is often considered some of its charm.

Velvet is a fabric most anyone in Canada knows simply by touch. This fabric, most commonly associated with royalty and nobility, was first mentioned in the 14th century. Unlike linen and silk, velvet is a rather complicated fabric to manufacture and requires specialized looms. In the past, this lead to its association with the upper class who were the few who could afford it. Now a days, high quality velvet is still a moderately expensive fabric. Velvet is not sourced from a specific plant or animal, but is created from other fabrics that are processed into velvet. Some of the most expensive velvets are made from silk, but velvet can also be made from linen, wool, and even synthetic materials like polyesters and nylon.

When it comes to making your home perfect, there are many options and style available. These three fabrics are a great choice for the romantic or the debonaire home, but even if that doesn’t describe your dream house, we’ll have the window covering for you somewhere at Normandeau. Come in or call us today at (403) 456-0087.