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Window Covering Solutions Series: Southern Exposure

Problem and Solutions Series NORMANDEAU CALGARY

Southern Exposure

Drapery Calgary

Challenge:  This client lives right by a busy road and while his street-level condo supplied horizontal wood shades, his choice was often privacy over the natural southern light.

Solution:  Since the condo board required that the wood shades remain in place, we were limited in window covering options.  We decided to add a simple sheer drapery that would provide an extra layer of daytime privacy but also dress up this contemporary space.  Liking a clean and modern look, we opted for a Ripplefold style of drapery right at the ceiling height.  This is a very “guy-friendly” version of drapery as there are no fussy pleats, just clean, classic curves.  For the hardware, we did another modern twist and used a rectangular channel rod instead of the traditional round rods.  The panels slide back to stack on the far left and right, keeping the existing shelf and mounted TV free from obstruction.

Result:  The client now has beautiful (though still manly!) sheer drapery that glows in the sunlight but that gives him all the daytime privacy he needs.  Plus the panels can still be stacked back to allow for full window viewing when desired.  The hardware ties in with all the stainless steel in his open plan space AND the condo board is happy as there is still a unified look from the street!

Fabric: Maxwell Fabrics
Hardware: K-Scope
Designer: Gillian

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