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Roman Shades – Ancient yet Modern

Well, they’re not exactly ancient, but Roman Shades or Blinds as they’re also known have been around for centuries. They originated in Italy and their simple, clean lines and functionality have never fallen out of fashion. They are very popular these days because they fit in very well with clean, modern house designs. The design is very simple but effective for providing privacy and shade, as well as creating a beautiful accent in a room.

Roman Shades are usually made from soft fabric that gathers into pleats as the blind is raised. They consist of a solid fabric panel with slats that are connected with draw cords. When the cords are drawn, the slats are pulled together and the blind is raised. When lowered, some Roman Shades hang flat against the window. Hobbled designs are made with extra fabric so that even when the blind is fully lowered the surface is rolled and has softly curving folds. Hobbled blinds provide a bit more insulation when closed. The range of patterns and colours that can be used is limitless.

Roman Shades can also be made out of a variety of materials such as bamboo and wood strips. Wooden shades are a nice option because the spaces between the strips of wood let in a bit of light while keeping out heat and protecting your privacy.

Roman Shades can be extremely economical when they’re purchased readymade. They are available in a variety of common sizes and patterns. They can also be custom made to fit odd sized windows or from special fabrics, but of course you’ll pay more for custom shades.

If your goal is room darkening, Roman Shades aren’t as effective as roller blinds. If you can’t afford to lose any window space, be aware that when they’re raised, Roman Shades cover some real estate at the top of the window.

Roman Shades are a simple, elegant, functional, and economical way to dress up any window. To find out more about beautiful window treatment options including Roman Shades, visit Normandeau Window Coverings.

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