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Oooh La La Luxe! Romance Returns to Window Decor

They say fashion repeats every 20 years and the same holds true for window decor.

The rich, opulent, window coverings of the late-1980’s are back and with more design options and sheer decadence than ever before.

From plush velvets and sensuous silks to bold leathers, suede and metallics, today’s designers are dressing windows with all of the flair and romance of a fine French boudoir.

The dreamy look of luxe is refined with carefully planned layering and couture-style accessories. As a suit makes its statement with a perfectly tailored shirt and fine silk tie, luxe windows pop with layers of beautiful materials in varying weights and textures.

Today’s luxe look boldly mixes and matches an array of fabrics and materials to turn ordinary windows into luxurious fashion statements. A silk blind becomes sumptuous when discreetly paired with long and flowing velvet, wool or linen panels. Silk tassel pulls and beautifully braided trim complete the look the way a perfect handbag does a designer dress. Metal grommets work with masculine wool, leather, cowhide and animal prints to create the panache of a private men’s club.

 Don’t forget the right rods, trims, linings and tie-backs to complete your window’s wardrobe.

Bold brass, nickel and iron might be paired with multi-layered blinds and drapes, perhaps with braided or beaded trim and tassels. Flowing silks, linens and sheers work well with hidden hardware to achieve a graceful silhouette. Shimmering beads and embroidery flirt with lighter fabrics for an extra touch of feminine mystique. Linings perform their duty to control light but also to add body and weight to the overall look. The right tie-backs hold panels in place like a man’s arm perfectly positioned around his partner’s waist.

When planning your luxe window decor, look inside the pages of your favorite fashion magazines for inspiration. The designers at Normandeau Window Coverings can assist you in all aspects of designing the romantic couture windows of your dreams.

Written By Randy Normandeau. Visit Randy on Google+