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Meeting the Challenge of Decorating Arched Windows

Once found only on large, luxury homes, arched or Paladin windows have become more affordable in recent years and are a common feature on many new homes being built in and around Calgary. Arched windows, while beautiful, present a challenge for window covering designers and home owners. Covering a square or rectangular window is relatively easy. Coming up with a pleasing and balanced design for an arched window that will provide the necessary privacy and energy efficiency is more complicated.

If you are building a new home or have arched windows in your existing home, ceiling height is important. If the top of the arch is very close to the ceiling, it becomes more difficult to design and install a window treatment. There may not be enough space to mount hardware or fabric. Designers also have to be careful not to hide too much of this beautiful feature behind yards of drapery.

The direction an arched window faces will also have a bearing on the window covering design. On the south side of a house, light control could be an important requirement. Privacy can also be important. If a foyer arch provides a view of an upstairs hallway and bedrooms from the street, a different type of window covering might be in order. Oftentimes, for arched windows, a combination of window coverings is required – a throw swag starting at the center of the arch and silhouette blinds or shears over lower panes.

If your Paladin windows are a perfect arch, the bottom width is exactly twice the height of the centre. There are lots of decorating options for a perfect arch and professional installation of hardware and window coverings is quite simple. If the arch is not perfect, design and installation becomes a bit more complicated. In many cases a window covering provider will have to make a template of the window so they can make window coverings that will fit perfectly.

If you have arched windows in your home, visit Normandeau Window Coverings for custom design services and professional installations for non-standard window shapes. 

Written By Randy Normandeau. Visit Randy on Google+