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Custom Bedding

After 6 years in her brand new home , this client wanted to make her master bedroom pop.  All other aspect of her home decor had been completed. New furniture for the living room, pool table for the games room and delicious wine for the wine cellar.  Now it was time to focus on the master bedroom.  Months of shopping in stores as well as online did not provide the solution for my client.  She was looking for that perfect fabric that pulled all of her colors in her room together.  Very bold golds and wines made it challenging to find the perfect fabric.  I brought a few fabric books into her home and it wasn’t long until we found the perfect fabric for her.  Her chocolate brown drapery panels are complimented as well the unique piece of art that hung over the bed.  We also then custom made matching 24 x 24 throw pillows , pillow shams and a fabulous bolster to tie the ensemble together.
Climbing into a bed with lethbridge custom bedding sure feels wonderful.  A solid sleep when your dreams are surrounded with fabulous fabrics.