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Drapery, Silhouette Shades, or both?!

This client had a challenging request for her Living Room – she wanted to control light and have privacy, but didn’t want a treatment that would take up too much space in the room. She very much loves the look of fabric drapery, but after discussions it was decided that a full window of drapery would be visually too heavy for the room. We suggested using Hunter Douglas Silhouette shades which have two layers of sheer fabric with fabric vanes in between. When the vanes are closed, the shades would offer the desired privacy but still allow soft ambient lighting.  When open, the vanes would diffuse light into the room while still providing great UV control to protect the finishes and furnishings.  

The Silhouette shade has a simple profile and could be installed inside the window frame, giving a clean, tailored look.  The client was happy with this choice but still wanted to add more interest to the window, so we decided to add drapery side panels to frame the windows. As the drapery side panels would limit access to the shades, the client opted for the PowerView control system – allowing her to adjust the Silhouette shades with a remote control.  She was thrilled with the elegant and refined look that was achieved by using the combination of Silhouette shades and drapery side panels!