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Are DIY Window Treatments Worth It?

When it comes to our windows, we are often stuck in a rut. A good window treatment often adds the perfect finishing touch on a newly-decorated room. However, you might be thinking of trying some cute DIY trick your friends shared online – that you want to try that too. While you are (of course!) allowed to, here’s why that might not be such a good idea:



If you’ve been in a craft store recently, you know that many of the materials needed to create your own window treatment are wildly expensive. Sewing machines, fabric, mod podge—all of these things cost money and are intended for multiple uses. Unless you already have these things in your home (and let’s be honest most of us don’t) then the DIY option might not be much less expensive than the professional one — and the DIY option is a much bigger hassle. Let the professionals save you time and trouble.

For instance, DIY Roman shades involve buying and then ruining a set of slat blinds, which cost a pretty penny in themselves, and often you need several of them to have enough shades to cover every window in your home. You need enough fabric, which isn’t always cheap, and then you need clothespins, mod podge, and the time to sink into a project like that! Who has that kind of time these days? Let a brief trip to the professionals be all the time you need to invest into a new window treatment.



Not only do those DIY projects cost money, they also take a lot of skill. It takes practice to be able to sew your own curtains, paint, and stencil neatly. If you don’t have the skill and don’t have the time to learn, it may be more cost-effective to save the materials and just hire a professional.



This one speaks for itself. It may seem like a cute idea to use a stick as a curtain rod, but when that stick gets old and starts getting brittle and flaking, it can ruin your curtains and make a mess on your floor. Craft glue, paint, glitter, and all those other project necessities can be hard to keep orderly. Plus, if you have pets, kids, a clumsy spouse, or are clumsy yourself, accidents are bound to happen.



You don’t want to clean up after a DIY project. After you’ve put all the time and energy into actually doing the project, the last thing you’re going to want to do is to clean it up, wash out brushes and sponges, clean off stencils, hang fabric to dry, wipe up excess glue, or whatever else you have to do to take care of the mess your project left behind.

Video Editing


A lot of the charm of DIY is the cute pictures and adorable videos with charming music and well-manicured hands deftly crafting the object of your desire out of household objects or things found at the local craft store. They always have just the right fabric, the perfect dye, convenient thrift shop finds for the cutest window treatments. So cheap to do! So easy! So well-edited!

These images and videos are designed to get clicks and shares rather than teach you something. Those deftly manicured hands probably have never even held a glue gun before that video. And those Pinterest crafts are pretty famous for not working in the real world.

The Benefits of Professionals


While professionals seem like a higher cost upfront, they will save you a lot of time and labor down the line. Professionals have the experience to bring you the best possible product, in this case, a great window treatment, and install it properly for maximum safety and satisfaction. Window treatments have a huge range of great products that can’t be done yourself.

Plus, consulting with professionals means you can get just the right product for your home and needs. They will discuss with you the kind of windows you have in your home, your energy efficiency goals, and can help you find the right window treatment design for your home.

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Where to Get Good Window Treatments


Normandeau Window Coverings can help you find the best window treatment option for your home. Their friendly, local staff can walk you through your window treatment options and help you with installation so that you walk away happy with an affordable choice that is both livable and elegant.

While DIY projects seem fun, and can be, for something as critical to your energy bill and light control as a good window treatment is, it’s best left to the professionals. Head on over to Normandeau Window Coverings for a consultation today to find the window treatment option that’s right for you.