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Decorative Drapery Panels Create a Separate Space

This client has an open concept main floor living space.  Upon entering the home, this sitting area was on the left with a large living room straight ahead. This area is very large and spacious.  My clients were wanting this cozy sitting room to be different than the adjacent living room.  The living room is where they spend most of their time watching TV. Their children’s toys were played with in this area as well and had a feeling of it being much more casual.

The sitting area was needing an identity of its own.  A cozy place to read or sit and look out the large picture window watching the world pass by.

Our mission was to create a space that is elegant yet cozy. By adding decorative drapery panels, we were able to create a warm inviting space that felt more elegant and different than the living room.
The Lethbridge Custom Drapery Panel had a gorgeous 8” triple pinch pleat header. They are lined with blackout lining fabric which helps them to hang beautifully.  The black decorative hardware is minimal as we do not want to bring attention to it  We also added two decorative cushions to tie the warm space together.
Now this sitting area feels like a space all of its own.