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Custom Drapery vs. Readymade

Have you ever tried to close drapery panels only to tug and pull the panel over a bump in the rod? Or had to pin up the hem on some curtains? If so, you’ve been dealing with readymade panels.
Don’t get me wrong, there is a place in the world for well-priced store bought panels.  They can add some quick colour and fit a smaller budget, but when you want a step above, it is time to think about the advantages of custom drapery. Whether you want a certain size, style or colour, you can get a beautiful quality product that truly suits your space.
One of the main limitations of readymade drapery panels is their size. They normally come in one width of about 52″ and while some can have different lengths, the standard is 90″ long.  That’s great if you have a narrow window that is a conventional height.  For wider windows, you have to use multiple panels that separate as you move them.  These can be awkward to open and close, and rapidly start increasing the price of your project.  Your panels may also be too long looking messy or too short giving a “flood’s over” feel. Custom drapery will look sharp and be tailor made.
Are you looking for black-out drapery?  Your choices will be limited with readymade curtains and those tend to be heavy and industrial looking.  With custom drapery panels, we can line any fabric with a soft room-darkening lining making your fabric options pretty much endless. Even lighter weight curtain panels should have some lining of some kind.  They will hang better and protect the fabric from fading or deteriorating in the harsh sun.
Store bought drapery panels generally have a version of a rod pocket style where the drapery rod slides through either a fabric channel or tabs.  Grommets are also popular.  Custom drapery can do all these styles but can also offer many more choices that can help create a style and feel in the room.  Do you want contemporary floor to ceiling sheers in a Ripplefold style?  Or traditional goblet pleats? These small details can really add to the mood of a space.
Drapery hardware and installation can have a huge impact on the final look of your drapery.  Store bought drapery hardware kits have the advantage of having a telescoping rod that can stretch to fit your desired width instead of needing to be hacksawed to the right length.  These kits can only go to about 10 or maybe 12 feet if the window treatment isn’t too heavy.  Too wide and the rod will start to bend with the weight of the drapery and can eventually pull out the brackets out of the wall. The “bump,” where the telescoping rods meet, can also be an ongoing annoyance. This small difference in circumference can catch on grommets, rings and snag on tab pockets making it a bit of a battle to operate the curtains and can put extra pressure on the brackets.
To avoid this, custom workrooms can supply different drapery hardware that is cut to fit and designed to function more easily. One such solution is a channel rod that can do very wide widths.  It is a decorative rod with a hidden track that carries glides that let the drapery slide easily.  The wall brackets don’t interfere with the track so it can be supported properly for the width and weight of the treatment.
Above all, custom drapery can tackle difficult or awkward windows – angles, curves and extreme heights! These need solutions that just don’t come off the shelf.
Custom drapery is all about choice and quality.  Readymade panels can be a quick fix but custom drapery will give you a look that you will be happy with for years to come. With wide selections of colours, textures and patterns, your drapery will be as unique as you are!